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This page is a central pointer to the web pages of the companies of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, veterans of the war in South Vietnam, 1966-1971.  Click on the name of the company you wish to visit to go there.  Contacts are listed.

There are four pages underneath this one.

The first, called Valor, is a listing of individual awards made to members of this battalion.  At this count 4 Medals of Honor, 16 Navy Crosses and 95 Silver Stars. 


On the second page, you can find pictures from the 3rd reunion of 3/5 held at the Highland Marina in Lagrange, Georgia, May 16-19, 2002. Posted May 27, 2002.  Reunion pictures of recent ones may be seen at 

On the third page, Battalion Ops, is a recap of Operations Deckhouse II and Hastings, both in July 1966. The research, write-up and daily maps layout is courtesy of J.D. Murray, Platoon Commander for Mike Company during both of those Operations.  (At the bottom of the page is a listing of the sources used).

J.D. did this in honor of the H&S Company Commander at that time, Hans Haupt.  Hans has been a prime mover and major resource in the search for our brothers.

Underneath the Hastings Operation write up is J.D.'s writeup of Operation Cortez, December 5 - 12, 1966. This is J.D.'s research on that Operation, which involved Kilo and Mike Companies and the Battalion Command group. Nineteen graphics, maps and relevant AAR pages presented in chronological order.

The fourth page is how to order Battalion Operations on CD. 

JD Murray informed us that HQ USMC and Historical and Museums Branch now has Battalion Command Chronologies, with some AARs attached, available on CD (this is now the only way to get these, they no longer provide paper copies).  I have added a new page with JD's information and the letter from HQ USMC with instructions on how to order.  There are 108 CDs available.  The main one that is relevant to 3/5 is CD #49 (it has command chronologies from 1966 to 1971 for 2/5 and 3/5 plus extra stuff).  



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The Battalion Leadership, early '68. 

Far right: Warrant Officer Jim Bisesi, the S-1; Far left: Major Bowers, the S-3, Captain Hernandez is next to him;

Colonel Rockey, the Battalion CO, is presenting the Silver Star to who might be Lt. Lee Gounds (sp).

With thanks to Jim Bisesi for the picture.


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