Operation Cortez

December 5 - 12, 1966

Que Son Valley, Vietnam

J. D. Murray was the Acting CO of Mike Company for five days during this operation, Captain Pettengill was on R&R for those first five days.  This is J.D.'s research on that Operation, which involved Kilo and Mike Companies and the Battalion Command group.  The first map is J.D.'s original operational map for the Op.  There are 19 graphics for this Op, a mixture of maps and relevant pages from the AAR (After Action Report).  The last map is "...a map that shows 3/5 general TAOR just outside Chu Lai from Aug66 until around Jan67.  During that time M Co spent time in the village of Thanh My Trung (1) and some of the surrounding high ground...."  These are presented in chronological order...all are thumbnailed, click on any to enlarge.

01-Cortez map.jpg (202179 bytes)

Original Operations Map

02-Cortez map 2.jpg (255976 bytes)

Operations AO

 03-Cortez map 3 5 Dec.jpg (137817 bytes) 04-Pg 5.jpg (106093 bytes)

December 5, 1966

05-Cortez map 3 6Dec.jpg (154297 bytes) 06-Pg 6.jpg (105997 bytes)

December 6, 1966

 07-Cortez map 3 7Dec.jpg (151750 bytes) 08-Pg 7.jpg (114450 bytes)

December 7, 1966

 09-Cortez map 2 8Dec.jpg (143186 bytes) 10-Pg 8.jpg (141042 bytes)

December 8, 1966

11-Cortez map 2 9Dec.jpg (144602 bytes) 12-Pg 9.jpg (105157 bytes)

December 9, 1966

13-Cortez map 2 10Dec.jpg (154570 bytes) 14-Pg 10.jpg (105484 bytes)

December 10, 1966

15-Cortez map 2 11Dec.jpg (125189 bytes) 16-Pg 11.jpg (80641 bytes)

December 11, 1966

17-Cortez map 2 12Dec.jpg (145741 bytes) 18-Pg 12.jpg (63349 bytes)

December 12, 1966

19-Map M Co Chu Lai.jpg (176759 bytes)

Chu Lai TAOR