Roy Bowles

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Jerry Richardson, Gary Peterson 

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Art Genzler, Roy Bowles 1967

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Al Dean, Goshorn

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Earnest Smith (Smitty) Hill 69, 1967

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Al Campos, Gary Peterson

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Gary Peterson, Roy Bowles

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Dale Alan Gunnell, KIA Operation Swift 9/6/67

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Al Campos and Jack (Corpsman)


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1. Porter in the middle, Delaney on the right, unknown on the left

2. Sgt Richardson, 3rd Platoon

3. Bowles far right, Gary Peterson next to him, Welcher in the middle, two unknowns on left.

4. 3rd Platoon, 1967-68. Standing left with right hand on tree is Corporal Boots. Middle facing away is Lt. Duckworth, on far right is Corporal Smith (Smitty) with right hand on a 3.5 rocket launcher tube.