Letter from Sergeant Rashid Coles, Marine Barracks, August 20, 2001

I would really like to commend you gentlemen on your web page. I am a Sgt now stationed at Marine Barracks Washington D.C. I've spent my entire first tour stationed at 1st Battalion 5th Marines and am now on my second enlistment. Although I have never been in combat myself....I salute you gentlemen with great pride. It's one thing to hear about 5th marine history from your company commander or your company gunnery sgt. But, it's more realistic and a lot more impressionable to read it from the men who served at that time. I'm sure it will take me some time to go through all of your pages but i'm sure i will find it every bit as interesting as I found that letter to be. (editor note: Sgt. Coles is referring to the letter home from Sparks Opferman).

Semper Fidelis Marines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. - I'll be sure to share this web site with my fellow marines at Marine Barracks.
P.P.S - I would also like to say "Welcome Home" to the marine (Hank Oliver) who wrote that poem and to all Marines who have fought overseas.
Sgt Coles, Rashid K.

Sgt Coles email address is: rcoles1@cox.rr.com