Favorite Places

Mike and H&S Companies 3/5                Common bonds here folks.

Semper Fidelis, 7th Marines                         Vic Vilionis's tribute to the 7th Marines.  He's also a wonderful artist.

Kilo Company 3/5                                       All of 3/5 is on the net!

Lima Company 3/5                                         Richard Hoffman has done a fine job.

Debbe Reynolds                                             tribute to her husband Brad of Mike 3/5.                                                                       Many memorials, pictures, stories. A must visit.

India Company 3/7                                        Terry Dixon's fine home page for a battalion that covered                                                                         the same ground we did at different times.

5th Marines Scout Snipers.                             Outstanding!

Golf Company 2/26, Second and Weapons Platoons.

Mike "Gomer" Pyle                                        Gomer was with Kilo 3/9 and built a fine site

Ken Miller                                                      Ken was with 3/9 and is building a fine site.                   

Medal of Honor citations.                               All 240 official Vietnam MOH citations on Neil Mishalov's  fine web page. We gave him Lawrence Peters (from Mike Company) and Richard Pittman's picture/graphics that Vic made to post on his site...he's got a lot of pictures and remembrances there.

Vietnam history link                                         This is an article on Operation Hastings, among others covered, including Swift in the Que Sons.

The Virtual Wall                                             Run by the people who do the Wall Memorial Fund, you can search, view and post information, memories, stories and pictures of anyone on the Wall. 

TheWall-USA                                                  Also a fine site, in which you can do much the same as at the Virtual Wall.

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Terry Dixon's Purple Heart Page                                         A great page.

Doc Parlee's Home Page                                                     An India corpsman's page.  Way to go, Doc!

Sgt Grit                                                            Marine wear, including a 3/5 patch.

Anthony Roman                                              A startup page for India Company                                                                          Marines from the 1990s