Earl Gerheim

Earl was a Marine combat correspondent and spent quite a bit of time with 3/5...you may read some of his stories on Mike Company's site.  Under this page are two published stories he wrote: Alamo, written about India Company and Operation Alamo, including his handwritten notes on equipment and weapons captured;  and Scout about Howard Staudt, the S-2 scout assigned to India.  Also included is a story someone else wrote and sent to Earl a long time ago, about Bill Pruett's capture of a VC

egSmithKolakowski.jpg (25029 bytes) BrighterSmithKolakowski.jpg (25503 bytes)

The CO of Kilo Company, Fred Smith, and the CO of India Company, Henry Kolakowski, conferring. Picture by Earl Gerheim. Click on picture to enlarge. The second is a brighter version of the first (thanks Jake). (I would like an opinion as to which copy is easier to see for you all, it will help in processing pictures for the 'net...let me know at hebmc@aol.com). Thanks!