John Olsen has put out three newsletters for India Company since March of 1996.   We aim to include the articles and pictures from those publications on this page, little by little.  As of today, July 6, 1999, the articles and pictures from the first issue, dated March 1, 1996, are included on the following pages.  You may click on the Issue 1 link at left to get there.  For obvious reasons, addresses and phone numbers published in the original document are not printed here.

Issue 2, first published in May of 1996, is primarily about Operations Hastings.  John Olsen wrote his memory of Hastings, very detailed. To be added next week is a contemporaneous letter from 2nd Lieutenant Williams, to his wife, describing the Operation, complete with handdrawn map.  We will also include many more pictures Hill 362. Please click on the link at left to read the first part of the issue.