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Doc and wife Linda

Middle picture has Doc Ernie Harp on right

Doc Kunkle at BAS

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Corpsmen at work

The first color picture, group of seven shows Doc Perez at far right

Doc Perez Lon Phu 1.jpg (7959 bytes)

Doc Perez in the village of Lon Phu 1 with Little Yvonne, interpreter and protector. She would warn me ahead of time when ever there was a VC assasination team in the area or when I'd get called out in the middle of the night. Nice story, it got printed in the "Corpsmen" history book published by Turner Publishing on the history of Navy Corpsmen from the beginning up through Desert Storm. Picture was taken Feb or March '67, right below Hill #63 or #69 right outside of Chu-Lai.

Doc Perez Union Bn Staging area.jpg (10299 bytes) Doc Perez Union Bn Staging area. receiving casualties.jpg (11170 bytes) Doc Perez Union more casualties.jpg (7585 bytes)

1. Operation Union, Bn staging area, arrival of first casualties.

2. Operation Union Bn staging area receiving first casualties. Gen Westmoreland's Helo in background.

3. More arrivals from Operation Union 1. 3/5 Bn staging area.