Due to the large number of pictures we have, I've broken out the pics into separate pages by contributor.  You may click on the links at left to see their pictures.  The table below will give you brief idea of when and where these were taken.  All pictures are thumbnailed so click on them to see them full size.   The various page has one picture each from members on our roster.

Gregory Francesco 1966 3rd platoon picture on Oki and his recon team in 'nam.
Dave Gurbal 1966 On the USS Pickaway, w/Holt, Kessler and Lacerte.
Curtis Eidson 1967-68 Many, including Ops Essex and Auburn, plus other Marines. Added two group mortar pictures..Blankenship, Vaught, Hall, Youngst, Strong, Miller, Lundber, Dansby Bolton, Callahan, Beckham Edwards, Johnson and Hilliard.
Joe Holt 1966 Hastings & Hill 362, many Marines, platoon pic on Oki, plus a recent. Two pictures from Ed Crisp of Camp Margarita in 1966.
Bob Morris 1970 Now, and w/ Bn Recon team in 'nam.
Jerry Bain 1967-68 Marines in 'nam and one recent.
Bob Mowery 1967-68 Bob in '67, plus coming off Swift, one recent.
Doc Parlee 1968 Now and then of Doc, plus a reunion w/Curtis
Rod Johnson 1967-68 Now and then of Rod. Plus at China Beach and with his machine gun.
Joe Klinger 1967-68 In 1967 and with his old squad.
Roger McCann 1969 8 pictures, including Don Huber, Ralph Green, Tex, Cassidy, Jim Castor, Steve Gill, Mike Bailey and Ski.
Dennis Perkins 1966-67 3 pictures: Radio operators, Chu Lai, Dennis then.
Jake Bortscheller 1967 5 pictures: w/M-60, on Hill 63, with George Colletti, Corporal Ayres. 3 pictures: Air strike on Swift, Company sign at Phu Bai, Larry Vaught and Thelbert.
Mike Mannell 1973-74 ITR 9/71, with India 1973, in RVN near Hue in 72, Sheep trophy out West.
Doc Perez 1966-67 14 outstanding pictures of corpsmen at work. Plus 3 pictures of the 3/5 staging area for Union I, receiving casualties.  Plus one of Doc and interpreter.
Melecio Ortiz 1966-67 2 of Melecio, KIA 5/13/67
Jimmy Christy 1969 3 pictures: Dan Brewer, Sonny Williams and unknown. 
Randy Pelt 1969 2 pictures in the Arizona, Oct 69, one of Randy and one of 3 POWS
Carl Blankenship 1967-68 3 pictures: Bolton, Webb, Slick, Carl; Mortar Crew; Family
Gil Currie 1967-68 More pictures: Albert Peterson, 1st Platoon, Socks from home, interrogating locals, Battalion sign. 4 more pictures: Bain; George Colleti, Rick Spaniol, Ed Liet, squad. 8 pictures: Captain Ski, Lieutenant Duckworth, Jerry Bain, Gary Painter, R. Peterson, others. 7 pictures: by HaivanPass, over China Beach, Howard Kiser, Lt. Duckworth, Sunday Service.
Ken Godkin 1967-68 Ken and scenes from 1968.
Leroy (Chuck) Strong 1967-68 Chuck and wife Carla, Hanley, 
Ed Groves 1967-68 Albert Peterson, Gil Currie, Gary Painter, Ed Groves
Tom Evitts 1969-1970 8 pictures of 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon in 1970...An Hoa, Arizona, Hill 55, Hill 881.
Rusty Whitt 1968-1969 Carrauthers, Whitt, McClary, Garcia, Jack, Red, J.P.
Roy Bowles 1967-1968 12 pictures of Bowles, Delaney, Gary Peterson, Welcher, Sgt Richardson and 3rd Platoon, including Lt. Duckworth, Corporals Smith and Boots; Campos, Dale Gunnell, Smitty, Art Genzler, Al Dean, Goshorn.
Banyon Ford 1968-1969 7 pictures:  Ford, Wunderlich, Redsey, Stonebreaker, Ed Spoon, Grasshopper, Rutherford.
Terry Welcher 1966-67 7 pictures from Terry, many unknowns plus Avery.
Richard Townsend 1966 4 pictures, one with Lt. Carey, 1stSgt Chapman, Ballog, others unknown.
Various From Ric Lee, of Charles Townsend. Captain Perkins, now; Dennis Tennety, now; Jim Williams in 'nam '68, Gunny Gunderson, Howard, Hulsey, Chegup, Garcia, Stonebreaker and Doc Olsen...all from 1968. From John Harris, ITR platoon picture of 2 December 1965 and Platoon 373 from Boot Camp, 1965, San Diego. 2nd Platoon in 1970, Weapons Platoon, 1966.