When one greets another
They say "Semper Fi!"
The others don't know 
What it means
For they never served
In that great fighting force
Nor earned the title
Of U. S. Marine

They don't comprehend
The strong brotherhood
They don't understand
"Do or Die!

But they sense the fierce pride
Marines have deep inside
When they exchange the words - 
"Semper Fi!"

From Hank Oliver, copyright 2001

Dedicated To The MARINES of INDIA 3/5


We were young and just out of school

We chose to become Marines instead of fools

Now those of us that have Died

Are remembered by those of us that have survived

The Vietnam Memorial lists the names of the Dead

For family and friends to visit and remember

For the men of INDIA 3/5

The memories will never fade or die

Each of us maintains a private Wall

Of every friend that we watched fall

Our hearts are forever laced with regret

But our souls will never let us forget

The brave men with whom we served

Their names and faces within each of us preserved

For the Brotherhood of Marines of INDIA 3/5

Will always insure that their memories constantly survive


Bill Dowling

India 3/5

November 8, 1999

(Nobody Even Told Us)
Welcome Home

Some of us were volunteers and some of us were drafted, 
They sent us to a place called Vietnam,
They told us we were there to help them fight Communism,
They said twelve months and twenty days and we could go back home,

But little did we know back home the people were against us,
They were playing for themselves another song,
They gave no ticker tape parades, no welcomes for our heroes,
Nobody even told us "Welcome Home"

We were spat upon and ridiculed, they called us baby killers,
They told us everything we'd done was wrong,
But the thing that hurt the worst is no one tried to understand us
And nobody even told us "Welcome Home"

They just don't care about the blood we shed and the fear of not returning,
And the pain of losing comrades we'd known long,
Then to finally fly that freedom bird to the land of milk and honey,
And have nobody tell you "Welcome Home",
No, nobody even told us "Welcome Home"

Hank Oliver, 1999

From Marko Whiteley: I found a poem that Harry R Geibus wrote on the way to Okinawa.
I thought I would share it with you and the Company I believe this was a parody of Barry Sadler's hit song.


Fighting men from our land
They have shaken the devil's hand
And when they wear their battle greens
They are known as the 5th Marines

We're the men of the 5th Marines
Dirty rotten and fighting mean
From the states we came this way
Couldn't care less about the Green Beret

We stalk the paddies night and day
Don't need shutes or a green beret
Have no wings upon our chest
U.S. Marines our countries best

We patrol and kill V.C.
Fighting Cong to make men free
One hundred men overun today
We saved their ass the Green Berets

I saw Marines who gave their lives
So Green Berets could tell their lies
If I should die in this far land
I hope it will be for a better man

While they jump and sing their songs
We search the fields and kill the Cong
We are the men who fight each day
Since 76 its been that way

Back at home a young wife waits
Her brave Marine has met his fate
He has died so others could live
For his land that's what he'll give

I know this song won't be a hit
But a good Marine don't give a shit
And when it comes to glory and fame
We'll kick your ass and take your name