Hastings Trilogy

by Marko Whiteley

I will send you Steve's (Kittle) poem now. One day I found myself drawing a body bag on my bedroom wall and when I got to the toe tag it was to small for Steve's name so I used Sgt Andy as a metaphor. I know Steve did not have any children I in the end had two. Maybe the stanza is for me or something that could have been for Steve. As I wrote the name on the tag I started hearing the sound of marching feet in my head. Hup two three four, hup two three four. It is the rythm of the poem.


Sgt Andy 
Proud Marine

Sgt Andy
Fighting machine

Sgt Andy
Father twice

Sgt Andy
Thoughtful nice

Sgt Andy
Flesh to clay

Sgt Andy 
Died today

This is the second poem in a trilogy I wrote a long time ago about
Hastings. I had Skip Reagan, Rodney Wescott and Presby in mind when I wrote
it, but I realize reading it now that all the Marines of India 3/5 had their
own Billys and Jonnys.


The war is over
Listen to my poem
About Billy and Jonny
Who won't be coming home

How proud they felt
In uniforms of green
Pride is the essence
Of a US Marine

Embarking to war
They can't tell you why
With hardly a thought
Maybe they would die

So far from home
This place Vietnam
How short a time passed
Since the high school prom

They learn to kill
To eat from a can
Mother look at your son
He's becomming a man

Back home are the Brass
The strategist the brain
Dealing the cards
As we play the game

Now we're home 
It's over at last
You tell us to forget
Don't live in the past

How can we forget 
The thought never warms
Billy was stuffed into a bag
Jonny died in our arms

This is the third poem in the trilogy, pictures follow the poem.


Trans world madness is over
Flight Danang to Frisco may land
Were home Viet Vets yes its over
Can you tell us where's the band

Hyde Park has memorial markers
World Wars one and two marble and bronze
While the Vietnam Vets have their story
On a paint peeling wooden sign

Where's the band for Billy and Jonny
Where's the band for Sergeants Andy and Me
Sing us a song America
My country 'tis of thee

Marko Whiteley

Hyde Park Memorial

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