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Reunion 2000

India Company 3/5 reunion August 9th-12th

by John Olsen

A great time was had by all at our 2nd Company Reunion held in San Diego on August 9th through 12th.

Wednesday August 9th was spent in the hospitality suite catching up on the latest scoop.

Thursday we caravanned up to Camp Pendleton and visited our old Barracks at Camp Margarita. The area still retains several of the old buildings including I, K, L and M barracks along with the Mess Hall. The surrounding hills brought back many memories of days gone past. Joe Holt found his barracks and even located where his bunk had been.

IndiaReunion_Ibar2.jpg (25429 bytes)                           IndiaReunion_Ibarac.jpg (24341 bytes)

Left: Kilo Company Barracks in background
1st row: Stan Guillaume, Rod Curry, Joe Chavez, Joe Holt, Gunny Perry
2nd Row: Terry Whited, Mike Carey, John Olsen

Right: India Company Barracks. Looks the same today as it did in February 1966.

Friday we caravanned over to MCRD and visited the Museum, Parade Ground and the Quonset huts. I felt more relaxed visiting this time than when I was there in 1965. Friday evening we had our banquet with a reception from 1800 to 1930. Joe Dodson played the Marine Corps Hymn on his bagpipes. Vic Krulak Jr gave the invocation. We enjoyed a dinner of salad, chicken, vegetable, rice, bread and dessert. Joe Holt did an outstanding job being our Master of Ceremonies. 

IndiaReunion_holtmas.jpg (11340 bytes)

Joe Holt, Master of Ceremonies

Tom Gainer gave us a Treasurerís report. Steve Fautsch presented T-shirts to our two Corpsmen in attendance, Doc Wise and Doc Howell. John Olsen presented awards to all those that participated in the reunion activities. Victor Krulak, Jr, our Chaplain in Vietnam in 1966, was our guest speaker and did a great job. We replayed the movie that Gary Crowell had prepared for our last reunion. Then Joe Dodson played Amazing Grace on his bagpipes. Sam Williams and Mike Carey then led us in a moving Memorial Service in memory of our fallen Comradeís. After the Memorial Service Joe played Tapís and we spent the rest of the evening just hanging out together.

IndiaReunion _cwg.jpg (17642 bytes)      IndiaReunion_carkrul.jpg (19369 bytes)      IndiaReunion_PittGun.jpg (16084 bytes)

Left: Mike Carey, Terry Whited and Tom Gainer

Center: Mike Carey and Vic Krulak, Jr.

Right: Richard Pittman (MOH awardee) and Gunny Perry

Saturday we said our goodbyes. Lotís of hugs all around.

We had 39 Marines and Corpsmen and a total of 70 people in attendance, including spouses, children, grand children, etc.

The Marines and Corpsmen in attendance were:

Terry Anson

Bruce Baxter

Mike Bednar

Bill Callahan

Gary Campbell

Mike Carey

Joe Chavez

Ed Crisp

Rod Curry

Jerome "Ski II" Czarnowski

Bob Denman

Joe Dodson

Don Eberle

Steve Fautsch

Tom Gainer

Bill Gomez

J.E. Griffin

Stan Guillaume

Luis Gutierrez

Joe Holt

Terry Houghton

Doug Howell

Gary Huffman

Vic Krulak, Jr.

Joe Luzietti

John Olsen

Papy Partin

Steve Pepe

Gunny Perry

Richard Pittman

Jerry Richardson

Jim Sims

John Templeton

Dick Weber

Terry Whited

Sam Williams

Don Wise

Papa Garcia

Richard Long

IndiaReunion_group.jpg (30890 bytes)                               IndiaReunion_JOUn.jpg (32101 bytes)

Left: 1st row: Gary Campbell, Joe Holt
2nd row: Gary Huffman, Bruce Baxter, Luis Gutierrez, John Olsen, Mike Carey,
Pappa Garcia
3rd row: Tom Gainer

Right: John Olsen in pre reunion and original uniform from 1966.