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May31966.jpg (33243 bytes)

This picture was taken on May 31, 1966 on PI. The Marines in this pic were ashore from the USS Princeton on the way to 'nam.  Forrest Knisely, from HMM364 was friends with the guy with the beer bottle on his head, and is trying to identify him.  Do you know him?  Forrest's email is 

WeaponsPlatoon1966.jpg (40990 bytes)

Weapons Platoon, 1966

SteveGreyVietnam.jpg (14163 bytes)

This is a photo of Steve Grey at base camp in An Hoa in April or May 1969 preparing to go into the field.  Steve doesn't recall any of the other men in the pix.  If anyone recognizes Steve please email his brother Bob Grey at 

RicLeeofTownsend.jpg (10134 bytes)

Picture from Ric Lee.  In back is Charles Townsend (KIA on December 23, 1967, along with L. B. Murphy and Lt. Corr....on Our Wall).

Brewton2ndPlatoon.jpg (23065 bytes)

This picture is from Bobby Brewton, 2nd platoon. Bobby was with India from May 1970 to January 1971.

Ortiz and Marines.jpg (24297 bytes)

Melecio Ortiz, top left (KIA 5/13/67) and five other Marines, do you know them?

Bostian 3rd Plt Oki.jpg (111897 bytes)

3rd Platoon, on Okinawa, on the way to Vietnam, 1966

Picture from Carrell Bostian (He's second from right, top row)


Costello and Britt.jpg (10462 bytes)

John Costello ('67-68) and Britt

ct_Unidentified106.jpg (12184 bytes)

Craig Tschetter? 67-68

JH_ITR 2Dec1965.jpg (159312 bytes) JH_My BootCamp ID.jpg (178413 bytes)

From John Harris, Lima 3/5,  the left picture is 2nd ITR Company X, 3rd Battalion, 2 December 1965. Do you know anyone pictured?

The right picture is Boot Camp Platoon 373, San Diego, 1965.

gunny.jpg (15027 bytes) GunnyGundersen2.jpg (32773 bytes)

At left, Gunny Gunderson, January 1968.  Right picture taken mid January 1968. Sitting in front is Roger (Doc) Olson, KIA 3/26/00; Kneeling from left: August (Gus) Howard, Michael Hulsey; Standing from left: Gunny Gunderson, Boyd (Chief) Chegup (Ute Indian), Eddie Garcia, Charles (Chunky) Stonebreaker.

India_SeaTiger_Hastings.jpg (67002 bytes) 

From the center page of the August 9, 1966 issue of Sea Tiger, an India Company medevac.

Avery.jpg (10021 bytes)

Bill Avery, '68

Perkins.jpg (27187 bytes)

Captain Perkins

Dennis_T.jpg (30750 bytes).

Dennis Tenety, India 3/5, now.

jw_Viet Nam  India Co 68.jpg (24750 bytes)

Jim Williams, India 3/5, '68