Mike & H&S Companies 

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War


3/5 Shirts, Covers and Patch

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Tee Shirts ($11) and Polo Shirts ($19) with 2.5"x3" 3/5 emblem embroidered over left breast. 100% cotton, cold wash, no bleach, hang dry.  In 2X, X and Large.

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100% cotton Cover with 3/5 emblem embroidered ($8).  3"x3.5" 3/5 emblem ($4.50) designed by Vic Vilionis (7th Marines), who designed the Mike, India, Kilo and H&S logos.  The picture is a comparison of the cover and patch to give you a perspective of the sizes.

Shipping costs for one shirt and a patch/cover is $2.  Two shirts + is $3.

To order please email the webmaster, Ed McCurry, at hebmc@aol.com

We've had these made for you, requested by popular demand, it took some longer than expected but they're finally in.

Note: We do not have an association yet so this is done by individuals...two in this case, Vic Vilionis of 7th Marines and Ed McCurry (me) of 5th Marines. There is a small profit built into some of these items.  Should they all be sold then there will be something left over. This will be split 50-50 between Vic and me.  Anything accrued to my benefit will be accounted for and used for future reunion expenses for Mike, India and H&S 3/5, or when we form an association they may be turned over to it..  Additionally, we've already had individuals add extra funds for future reunions...we thank you for that!  Such funds will be used as the donors request.

Vic is very active in 7th Marines and donates of his time and money to their functions.  So, if we're successful, 3/5 will be helping support 7th Marines, not a new thing for us :)