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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

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India Company, 3/5

This page is for use by our friends from India Company, until you have your own page elsewhere you are welcome here, forever if necessary.  We are honored to include you in our little community.

Following are pictures of some of the India Company members on the roster.  For the roster click the link at left.

ce_Iron Coffin1x1.jpg (48586 bytes)

From Curtis Eidson.  The extraction of what was left of 3/5 after Operation Essex, November 1967.  Brad Reynolds of Mike Company says of 140 men only 7 or 8 were not KIA or WIA. India came in because Mike was getting wiped out.  Of the people on our rosters, Curtis, Jerry Bain, Slick Mowery of India and from Mike Co., Brad, and J.C. Bowers were there and Steve Haygood/Walker got hit there.

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SGTPIO~1.jpg (61979 bytes) HILL36~1.jpg (84118 bytes) DAWSON~1.jpg (18655 bytes)

3 from Joe Holt.  1) On the left is Sgt Piosso of India on Hill 362 on July 24, 1966. His arm was very badly shot and there were fears that he would lose it.   Joe is happy to report that the last he heard he had turned into a fanatic golfer.

2) July 25, 1966, a picture that made a bunch of newspapers.  Marty Morris reaching for the helo sling, Lynn Felton with the bandage on his head.  Steve Fautch crouching in the background.  Holding up Felton is an unidentified helo crew member.

3) Mini reunion with Steve Dawson in Idaho, last week.


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bolton1.jpg (42710 bytes)

Curtis Eidson, on left, with one of his best friends, Cpl. Billy Carroll Bolton, January 12, 1968.  Bolton was killed on January 30, on Operation Auburn (Tet) when India came up on a major force of NVA and reinforced VC. (Ed. note: I don't know about you guys but this one hit me sort of hard, the guy looks like an epitome of life. Curtis carried him out....for a look at tributes you can to go to http://thewall-usa.com/index.html...or click on the link. Once there just fill in the first and last name and the service and submit).

More of Curtis' pictures.

ce_Antanna Vally1x1.jpg (33219 bytes) November '67, Antenna Valley, just before Operation Essex.

ce_Bolm1x1.jpg (30943 bytes) January '68, During Operation Auburn, (TET)

ce_Crater1x1.jpg (47992 bytes) January '68, inspecting a crater during Operation Auburn

ce_Morter crew1x1.jpg (55447 bytes) November '67, India 3/5 mortar crew ('60s).

ce_Scan111x1.jpg (46660 bytes) Georgia Flag held by Curtis Eidson, left, and B.J. Hilyard. Hilyard was from Texas, you can see him holding the Texas star. He was killed after he came back from Nam.

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jh_2ndPlt-blt.jpg (68391 bytes)

From Joe Holt, "This was taken in Camp Schwab in Okinawa in late May or early June of '66 just prior to shipping out as BLT 3/5. I'm not in it". (If anyone wants the original of this picture by snail mail, or a larger digital copy, please let us know).


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bc_now.jpg (59286 bytes) bc_vnbush.jpg (57627 bytes)

Bob Morris, now and on right, then (probably from 1st recon). Bob was with India for 3 months in early 70.

cd_JERRYJ~1.jpg (31524 bytes) ce_JERRY&~2.jpg (34926 bytes) ce_SCAN1.jpg (35144 bytes) JERRY&~1.jpg (62639 bytes)

On far right, Jerry and Karen Bain.  The other three are from Jerry Bain in 'nam.  If anyone remembers the guy in the second picture on the left, please let us know.


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Bob_M_NAM.jpg (23784 bytes) Bob_M2_NAM.jpg (21825 bytes) Operation Swift,Slick.jpg (22949 bytes) Bob and Pat Hawaii1x1.jpg (79432 bytes)

Pictures from Bob Mowery.   The two on left in August 1967, Cpl "Slick" Mowery.  The next one was coming off Operation Swift, Sept 7, 1967.   On far right, Bob and Pat Mowery, 25th Anniversary, Hawaii.

Dennis_T.jpg (30750 bytes).Dennis Tenety, India 3/5, now.

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jw_Viet Nam  India Co 68.jpg (24750 bytes)Jim Williams, India 3/5, '68


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rparlee.jpg (14962 bytes) rparlee1.jpg (16233 bytes)

On left, Doc Parlee and wife Terry.  On right, Ron "Doc" Parlee.

curtisdoc2.jpg (20500 bytes)Curtis Eidson and Ron "Doc" Parlee, both from India company, at a "surprise" reunion in Waco, Georgia, March of 1999.   Doc was senior corpsman of India 3/5 during Operation Mameluke Thrust, May-June 1968.


These next three pictures are from Curtis Eidson from India Company 3/5, 66-67.

CD_nam2.jpg (18392 bytes)Curtis Eidson, India 3/5, in Nam.

CE_Davis.jpg (29080 bytes)In April 1993, Curtis Eidson was awarded the Bronze Star by Medal of Honor recipient Gen. Ray Davis at a ceremony at Carrollton Armory in Georgia.

CE_Boot.jpg (12677 bytes)Curtis Eidson, Parris Island, June 1966. Served with India 3/5 from July 1967 to August 1968, participating in Operations Cochise, Swift, Shelbyville, Baxter, Essex, Auburn, Houston, Houston II, Allen Brook and Mameluke Thrust.