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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War




Dear Scot,

Pat served with the First Battalion, Fourth Marines in 1965. This was his first tour in Vietnam.

I remember Pat as a hard working, contentious, fun loving Marine Corps officer. We had some great times together in the Bachelor Officers Quarters in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Pat and I were in the same company in Hawaii - B Company, First Battalion, Fourth Marines.

Pat, myself and Jack Atwood went to Europe in 1966 and toured many countries. I remember he was taken with a monument to Robert Burns that we visited in Scotland.

We started our trip in NYC - flew a prop plane to Iceland and then went to Scotland, took a ferry boat to Ireland, then back to England. We spent a couple of weeks in Palma Mallorca an island in the Mediterranean Sea where we ate fish and drank a lot of wine. At the time it was two cents a glass.

We then went on to the Continent. It was a great trip and Pat was a great fellow to travel with.

The last time I saw Pat was in San Francisco about 10 years ago. We had a great time talking about the old days.


Pete Paffrath




Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Your note to Marty, and his reply brought tears to my eyes. I have forwarded them on to several "old Marines". Most of us did not realize that Pat was a hero. When I last saw him in San Francisco ten years ago and in my conversations with him about the reunion, he just said he was a company commander in Vietnam. He was a great American that did his job. He did not ask for recognition for the courage he displayed on the battle field and most likely in his personal life after the Marine Corps.


Pete Paffrath