3/5 RVN Reunion held at the Highland Marina, LaGrange, Georgia

May 16-19, 2002

Here are a few pictures from the recent reunion, more will be coming.  Most of these are from Brenda Eidson.

Reunion2002_3-5bn.jpg (107146 bytes)

This is a group picture of just about every Marine that attended (there are a few missing who didn't get the word). Picture was taken on Saturday afternoon, the 18th.  The resolution isn't good enough to identify everyone here even when you blow it up (though if you want to try, please do and let me know at hebmc@aol.com). Higher resolution pictures will be coming.


Reunion2002color_gd02.jpg (128836 bytes)

Color guard, Marines from the Logistics Base at Albany, Georgia.

Reunion2002h_s3-5_2.jpg (90292 bytes)

H&S 3/5

Kneeling, left to right, Jim Blankenheim, Ed McCurry, Craig Sullivan, Fred Riddle

Standing, Tony Stovall, Rocco Giambrocco, Jim Bisesi, Mike Wilson, can't identify, Lloyd Jeffries.

That's Jerry Bain from India holding the Battalion Colors.

Reunion2002kilo3-5_2.jpg (91686 bytes)

Kilo 3/5

We had no Kilo Company guys here, representing them are two Scouts who served with Lima, Jim Blankenheim and Rocco Giambrocco.

Reunion2002lima3-5.jpg (100898 bytes)

Lima 3/5

Skip St.Clair, Rocco Giambrocco (Scout), and for the life of me I can't remember the Lima Marine on the right, though I met him.

Reunion2002mike3-5_4.jpg (130264 bytes)

Mike 3/5

Can't identify everyone on here though I will point out we had two former Company Commanders with us. Third from left, kneeling, is Colonel McElroy; and far right standing is Colonel Jack Murray.

Reunionindia3-5_2.jpg (130232 bytes)

India 3/5

Reunion2002haivanfam2.jpg (120341 bytes)

Survivors and families of the Haivanpass debacle (Operation Houston II, May 1968), Mike Company 3/5

Reunion2002doc_award.jpg (89423 bytes)

Presentation of a shadow box to the family of (Doc) Harry Bowman, KIA May 9, 1968. Escorting the family are Marines that knew Doc. The gentleman on the right, helping hold up the shadow box is Lt. General Ray Davis (Ret.), recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Reunion2002ladfies6.jpg (116696 bytes)

Wives and families

Reunion2002lagrange_piper.jpg (16890 bytes)

Joe Dodson, India 3/5, bagpiper, practicing.  At the end of the ceremony on Saturday, he was in the back and played the familiar march that we know. He stood and played for a couple of minutes, then slowly turned and marched off down the road, the tune fading in the distance.  At the point where he was almost inaudible, the bugler from Marine Corps Base, Albany, proceeded to play Taps, echoed by a member of the Marine Band Brass Ensemble, also in attendance.  I can still hear it in my mind as I write these words. Oh my God is it powerful.

Reunion2002slick_cat.jpg (38130 bytes)

Bob (Slick) Mowery, India 3/5, showing off a catch...he caught a bigger one, a six pounder I think, later.

Reunion2002jimhybrid.jpg (33939 bytes)

And Jim Bisesi, Battalion Adjutant, says, "You don't think you were going to get away without seeing a picture of me with fish did you?"