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Hi, welcome to my web page and stay awhile. As you may well know, love is the most important aspect in everyone's life. Read on to know the many definitions of love. It may surprise you to know what is the most important aspect of love.

The dictionary describes love as:

{home page} 1.Warm affection, liking, or fondness: paternal benevolence: affectionate devotion.
{home page} 2.Sexual affection, passion, or desire: affection between sweethearts, this feeling as literary, personified, or a God; representation of Cupid or naked winged child symbolizing love, labour of ~, task one delights in or does for love of someone: ~ with enamoured of: make ~, pay amorous attention to.
{home page} 3.Beloved one, sweetheart: (colloq.) delightful person, pretty thing
{home page} 4.Tennis, rackets, etc. score, nothing, nil; ~ all, state of game when neither side has yet scored; ~ game, one in which loser has not scored.
{home page} 5.Affair, temporary relationship between two people who have fallen in love; ~ apple, (old name for) tomato; ~ bird, one of several species of parakeet, esp. the Afc. agaporn pullarus, remarkable for the affection it shows its mate; ~ child, illegitimate child; ~ feast, meal in token of brotherly love among early Christians; religious service among Methodists.

These are only just a few definitions.

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Mr. Tim Eaton's comments:

God loves You!

No matter who you are or what you have done,
or what you have thought about doing,
or what you have failed to do,
or what has been done to you:

God loves You!

Your parents may not love you,
your spouse may not love you,
your friends may not love you,
your boss may not love you,
your neighbours may hate you,
your children may not respect you,but

God loves You!

Your pastor may not love you,
your priest may not think much of you,
your rabbi may not care for you,
the deacons may think you are terrible,
the elders may have given up on you,
the minister of "you-name-it"
may not give you the time of day,
the Sunday School teacher may not know you exist but

God loves You!

It doesn't matter what color you are,
how tall or short you are,
how smart or dumb you are,
how much hair you have or don't have,
how many freckles you have,
whether your teeth are straight or crooked,
or whether you have your own teeth or some fake teeth,
or whether you have any teeth at all,
whether you are too fat or too thin,
whether you smoke or don'tsmoke,
or whether you inhale when you smoke,
or whether you don't,
or whether you drink or don't drink,

God loves You!

We are careful about who we love,
our love is seldom given unconditionally,
our love has to have a reason for being.
Because she is pretty, you love her,
you love him because he is strong,
she is so kind, we love her.
He is so wise, we love him,
she always helps in times of need, we love her.
If youcan love God
it is because

God first loved You!

But God is different,
God's love is different from our love,
he does not have to have a reason to love you,

He just does

In fact, the bible says that when there was nothing
in you to warrant God's love;

God loved You!

All the things that separate you from others,
happen because your love for another is conditional,
all these things are no obstacle at all for God's love,
because his love for you is not conditional.
His love for you is pure.
So pure is his love for you
that it is proven in this one thing
God lovesYou so much
that he gave his one and only Son to die.

For You

To be the obedient child you could not be
to pay the debt you could not pay

God loves You!

Could we with ink the ocean fill,
and were the skies of parchment made,
were every stalk on earth a quill
and every man a scribe by trade;
To write the love of God above
would drain the ocean dry;
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
tho stretched from sky to sky.
Those words were found etched
on the walls of an insane asylum,
scratched there by one perhaps unloved by mankind,
but touched by the love of God.
The love of God can penetrate
into the deepest recesses of your mind,
it can melt the coldest of hearts,
it can break down every wall of separation.

Another man
on the road to Damascus
on a murderous mission driven by hate
met the God that loved him
and later wrote these words;

"I am convinced that neither death nor life,
neither angels nor demons,
neither the present
nor the future,
nor any powers,
neither height nor depth,
nor anything else in creation,
will be able to separate us from the love of God
that is in Christ Jesus our Lord"

This is the foundation of life
This is what is important
This is your only hope
This is what you have to believe

God loves You! The question is.................
Do you love God?

For further information, please contact Mr.Eaton at:

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Now you know that God really loves you and you want to know the next step which needs to be taken, follow these scriptures verses below.


"How can people like you and me be right with God? Where do we get the righteousness we need? The good news is that God's kind of righteousness has been made available to us."(Romans 3:21)

"as a free gift"
(Romans 3:24)
"It is for anyone who has faith in Jesus Christ,
(Romans 3:22)
which simply means you don't get the gift unless you take it."

Women's Devotional 1231

If you decide to accept this gift, you must in return obey God's greatest commandment which is: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.(Mark 12:30)

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The Infinitude of God's Love
John Brine - 1743

No tongue can fully express the infinitude of God's love, or any mind comprehend it, it "passeth knowledge"(eph.3:19)
The most extensive ideas that a finite mind can frame about Divine love, are finitely below its nature.
The heaven is not so far above the earth as the goodness of God is beyond concept which we are able to form.
It is a ocean which swells higher than all the mountains of opposition in such as are the objects of it.
It is a fountain from which flows all necessary good to all those who are interested in it.


Now that you have viewed this information, clearly you can understand and know for certain, that the greatest love, is truly the power of our almighty god's love for us. You need only to ask for God's gift, please think about this and soon! I will be adding more sites and additional enhancements to this page over time. Be assured that someone will quickly answer any questions you may have. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. You are also invited to E-mail me at:

Launched lovingly in Christ,November 04, 1998,and relaunched March 2011.

God bless!

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