Review from The Montreal Mirror, for the week of its presentation at the Festival of New Cinema.

Reactions to this lo-fi, bilingual local production will range from fascinated to exasperated, but one thing’s for certain—psychedelic cinema is alive and well. Pat Tremblay’s digital dilemma involves a psychiatric drug, anthropomorphized as a pair of masked weirdniks, injected into the brain of a messed-up dude. The duo’s “quest” is punctuated by a series of encounters with disconcerting freaks and oddballs—their host’s alternate personalities?—whose rants and antics are no more enlightening than the freaky, pseudo-scientific chatter bookending these episodes. No matter, though. Tremblay’s nutty gambit was to capture an assortment of real-life strangers, lured by a newspaper ad, as they improvised freakouts for him, then green-screen them onto hallucinatory backdrops of ocular oddness. The results prompt more questions than answers, but mostly provoke giggles of demented delight at the hyped-up, harebrained madness of it all. (RB)

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First blurb is in. And by none other than famous author Dr. Cliff Pickover!
Here's what he had to say about the film:

"A psychedelic romp through the forest of the unconscious.
No one should pass up the experience of stepping through the portals
of this mind-expanding movie into fantastic new worlds of mind, sight, and sound."
– Dr. Cliff Pickover, author of "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves".

Premier commentaire reçu. Et par nul autre que l'auteur connu Dr. Cliff Pickover!
Voici ce qu'il a dit du film:

"Une gambade psychédélique à travers la forêt de l'inconscient.
Personne ne devrait manquer l'expérience de passer à travers les portals de
de ce film hallucinogène contenant de fantastiques nouveaux mondes de l'esprit, de la vue et du son."
– Dr. Cliff Pickover, auteur de "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves".