A stylist studio maximizing the the existing outdated made "a mano" from here and elsewhere, thus creating these "mutant-objects". The transformations are done in Canada, in Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides. This work, a hybrid between high-end design, salvage and journey diaries, advocates timelessness. Giving "immortality" to those chosen "matrixes" by bringing them back to contemporaneousness. Twinning accessories from the past, materials from the end of the world, traditional techniques and new resources in order to create works that are not only innovating, but classic and eclectic. The opposites become fusional, the peacefulness rubs shoulders with the extravagant, the past dissolves into the avant-garde.

Whether solo or with collaborators, on freestyle mode or by request, we produce unique pieces inspired by these dualities. The earth's resources are not inexhaustible. In this world of overconsumption, being alert and conscious of the impact of our purchases on the environment, has become a necessity. The conversion of objects lights our fuse and is for us, an important source of motivation. For the good of everyone, we're eco-responsible with our working methods and choices of materials.

We believe in the power of metamorphosis on every level. This mentality propels our creative research. The basis of our creations is to adapt to a chosen matrix in pursuance of making it exclusive. So the creation process becomes an exploration. These objects require the collaboration of artists and artisans from various disciplines. From this impetus, within the studio, they reincarnate and the materials become immortal, taking new life under different utilitarian and decorative forms. From the matrix, the "mutant-object" finally rests.

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