STUDIO MISSION Mutation of Matrices : Concept based on object transformation              
    Marketing the products              
    Constantly developing a network of artists and artisans from different cultures and disciplines              
  OFFERED SERVICES Object transformation in freestyle mode or made by request              
    Consultation for placement of objects in a defined area              
    Custom installation of our objects in your spaces / private or corporative              
    Consultation services for custom design of unique and sought-after spaces              
    Private or group courses in remodelling of objects or clothing              
    Customized styling : bedding, drapes, covers / natural fibers              
  CURRENT PROJECTS LOFT DD/major renovations/1500pc/ Montreal, Qc, Canada              
    DOMAINE NL/exterior design, pool area/6000pc/ Val Morin, Qc, Canada              
    Projet M+D/ staircase + mezzanine configuration/ Canthley, On, Canada              
    MDM Offices/ major restaurations + objects/ 1200pc/ Verdun, Qc, Canada              
  UPCOMING PROJECTS LOFT K/ Creation of sculptural storage and stylism/ loft 750 pc/ Mtl. Qc. Canada              
    VIA SPIGA/ Presentation of Textile art pieces/ Milan. Italie              
  2010-2011 Design and construction of a studio of creation in nature              
  2012 Activation of the Studio              
  2012 August: ODONATES, expo Objects by Studio Annie Dufort, Val-David, Qc, Canada              
  2012 October: Installation at QUAI 417, Montreal, Qc, Canada              
  2012 December: Grant Recipient from the SODEC to participate at The 25th Montréal International Design Show, Qc, Canada            
  2013 May: Expo at SIDIM, “Limited Edition” Section, Montreal, Qc, Canada              
  2013 June: Expo “Journée de l’Environnement”, Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides, Qc, Canada              
  2013 August: Expo “L’Été des Métiers d’Art”, Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts, Qc, Canada              
  2013 September: Expo “The Home and Design Show” Ottawa, On, Canada              
  2013 December: “Noël des Métiers d’Art”, Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts, Qc, Canada              
  2014 January: Creation and marketing of the Clothing and Accessories section              
  2014 March: Studies and development with the First Nations of North America              
  WORKS IN COSTUME DESIGN 1992-2010              
  2011 The Theatre Bizarre, France/Canada/USA/UK/Italy/Germany              
    Directed by Karim Hussain and Douglas Buck              
    With Lena Kleine and Kaniehtiio Horn              
  2010 The high cost of living, Canada/USA              
    Directed by Deborah Chow              
    With Isabelle Blais, Zach Braff and Patrick Labbé              
  2010 Territories, Canada/France              
    Directed by Olivier Abbou              
    With Roc Lafortune, Sean Devine and Nicole Leroux              
  2009 Die, Italie/Canada              
    Directed by Dominique James              
    With Elias Koteas, Catarina Murino and John Pyper Ferguson              
  2008 Fakers, Canada              
    Directed by Pierre Gill              
    With Drea de Matteo and Greyston Holt              
  2008 Amour aller-retour, TF1, France/Canada              
    Directed by Eric Civanyan              
    With Garou, Audrey Fleurot and Frederic Quiring              
  2007 Polytechnique, Canada               
    Directed by Denis Villeneuve               
    With Karine Vanasse and Maxime Godette              
  2007 Magique, France/Canada               
    Directed by Philippe Muyl               
    With Cali, Marie Gillain, Antoine Dulery and Benoît Brière              
  2005 La vie secrète des gens heureux, Canada               
    Directed by Stéphane Lapointe               
    With Gilbert Sicotte and Anne Dorval              
  2005 Familia, Canada               
    Directed by Louise Archambeault               
    With Macha Grenon, Sylvie Moreau and Micheline Lanctôt              
  2004 The last Casino, CBS, USA              
    Directed by Pierre Gill              
    With Charles Martin Smith and Julian Richings              
  1997 Quelque chose d’organique, France/Canada               
    Directed by Bertrand Bonello               
    Costume conception by Romane Bohringer              
  TV SERIES                
    Tout sur moi I, II et III / La galère I  / Hommes en quarantaine I et II              
  TV ADVERTISEMENTS More than 200 to this day  - Canada / USA / Europe              
    Air Canada - Olympic Games - Hugo Boss - Molson - Bell Canada - Loto-Québec -       
    Sony (with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith) - Coca-Cola - Budweiser - Honda -     
    Ford - L’Oréal - Nokia - Sony Ericsson - Acura - Mont-Blanc parfum - Volkswagen -…              
    Denis Villeneuve - Jean-Marc Vallée - Guillaume de Fontenay -  James Di Salvio -    
    Dante Ariola - Edmundo Roman - Marc Webb - …      
  MUSIC VIDEOS                 
    Notre-Dame-de-Paris UK - Cirque du Soleil - Bran Van 3000 -    
    Tina Arena - Bruno Pelletier - Garou – Mitsou - Jean Leloup -…              
  MODE - Canada / EU / Europe                
    Styling for Elle Québec anmd Canada:              
    Martha Wainright - Marc Labrèche - Luc Picard - Anne-Marie Cadieux -              
    Roy Dupuis - Ginette Reno - Sébastien Ricard - Diane Dufresne - ...              
    Vogue - Harper’s Bazaar:               
    with Richard H, consultant of the "Fédération française du Prêt-à-porter              
     féminin de Paris", for the Fur Council of Canada.              
    Flare Magazine Toronto - Ocean Drive - PEP - La Senza -               
    Aldo Groupe - Lise Watier - Hugo parfum homme - Parasuco -…              
  2009 Costume research exercises with various dancers              
    Personal project for Edouard Lock of La La La human Steps              
  2006 Costume design for ‘Déesse’ (screen projection)               
    Bar at the hedge of the earth (USA)              
    Cirque du Soleil and Moment Factory, events section               
  2005 Dance costumes creation for Cobalt (Canada, Europe)               
    Artistic direction : Louise Lecavalier and Ted Nanson              
    Biennal of Venice-Italy              
  2001 Acrobatic dance costumes creation for Échos, Les Gens d’R (Canada)              
    Artistic direction : André Simard              
    Biennal of Venice-Italy              
  2000 Design and styling for Zofia Tujaka of La La La Human Steps              
    Photo : Carl Lessard              
    Grand prize Lux 2000 – Best editorial in Canada              
  1998 Design and styling for Exaucé/Salt of La La La Human Steps               
    Screen visuals for world tour               
    Artistic direction : Edouard Lock              
  2008 Costume design and exhibit of the Queen of Hearts for the advertisement              
    campaign of the Charlevoix Casino              
    Client : Society of Quebec Casinos              
    Agency : Sid Lee              
  2000 Concept artist for FRAGMENT in collaboration with the photographer Andrew Law.               
    Experimentations with raw materials, textures and lighting on the human subject              
    to form sculptural bodies (Mtl, NY, Budapest)              
    Grand prize Lux 2000 – Self-promotion              
  Finalist - Costumes                
  2007 Film La vie secrète des gens heureux              
    Genies Awards              
  2006 Film Familia              
    Festival international cinéma, costumes et mode of Paris              
  Coq d’Or Prize                
  2004 Montreal Publicity Club              
    Campaign : Bell Canada bon vieux temps              
  Graffika Grand Prize              
  2001 Category : Commercial Poster              
    Company : Le Baronet              
  Lux Grand Prize                
  1999-2002 9 Grand Prizes Lux attributed for fashion and costume design              
    with various photographers and agencies              
    Categories : Fashion, beauty, published and non-published editorials,              
    published portraits, digital imagery and albums               
  2001 Category : Stylisme Québec              
    For the complete works of Annie Dufort              
  1999 Televised interview for ‘La vie d’artiste’, Radio-Canada              
  1992 Professionnal Collegial Studies in Fashion Commercialization              
    Lasalle College, Montreal              
  1991 Collegial Studies photography              
    Old-Montreal Cegep