June 26th, 2019

Atmo HorroX is back in the Netherlands with a special screening in Amsterdam on July 11th, 2019:



November 24th, 2018

Atmo will have a special present at Paul’s Boutique mythical trippy store in Montreal, as part of the Black Friday Carnival.


October 4th, 2018

A new quickie 9 seconds VOD trailer is out, don’t miss it and SHARE!!!


August 6th, 2018

After much problematic tech details, Atmo is finally also on Amazon (US & UK only). Unfortunately not for rent, as 0.15$ per hour of being viewed is a completely worthless revenue / extreme rip-off, especially for indie films. So it's there for sale at the regular price of 9.99$. BUT don't forget that you can also rent it on vimeo for 3.99$!






July 2nd, 2018

The film is now available WORLDWIDE as a 3.99$ RENTAL on Vimeo!



June 23rd 2018

Atmo HorroX aura une projection spéciale en plein air à Paris! Plusieurs autres événements au menu. Voici les détails:

Masques & Bouffons

Dimanche 8 juillet 2018

Entrée libre

29, avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris

Collectif MU La Station - Gare des Mines

Voici ce qu'on en dit:

• 22h15 — Atmo HorroX (Plein Air)

de Pat Tremblay (2016) (Genre: Entre Warhol, Tati et San Ku Kaï) - 101 minutes

Présenté par Thierry Théolier

Imaginez un Matthew Barney belge mais il est canadien. Pat Tremblay a réalisé le film le plus WTF qu'il nous ait été donné de visionner depuis longtemps et c'était au Sadique Master l'année dernière. Cet Objet Filmique Non Identifié est pourtant totalement abouti dans une démarche D.I.Y comme l'étaient EVIL DEAD ou BAD TASTE à leur époque et sans que cela ne produise une esthétique au rabais. Au contraire, il sublime avec maestria sont état indépendant pour donner au cinéma (même de genre) une leçon de savoir-faire contemporain. Tremblay ! Un talent mutant qui fait du bien parce que bordel, le public recherche des visionnaires comme lui. Merci Dude.


May 30th 2018

Interview par Jean-François Croteau pour Horreur Québec.



May 22nd 2018

New interview by Michael Haberfelner from (re)Search my Trash!



May 18th 2018

New review from Michael Haberfelner from (re)Search my Trash!


"[...] it's also lots of fun, a very surreal and satirical play with genre conventions, twisting and turning them to absurd and/or hilarious results."

"[...] for those with an open mind, it's total fun!"



May 17th 2018

Another real good review! Courtesy of Christopher George from The Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth.


"I'm still not even sure of what was just burned into my optic nerve, but it was grand."

"[...]one thing becomes quite clear. This is a piece of art, beautiful flaws and all."

"[...] the totally retro creature design and visual effects only add to the many reasons to see this one."


Poster #12 UNLOCKED!


May 13th 2018

2 news reviews are in. And they are good! One from Jean-François Croteau for Horreur Quebec. 7/10


And a blog review by Nikola Gocic. 7/10



May 7th 2018

Atmo HorroX is now out on VOD on Vimeo and Amazon! PLEASE, if possible, get it from VIMEO since we get more favorable royalties.


And here’s the NEW TRAILER that goes along with it!

And while we’re at it, here is the latest UNLOCKED POSTER from the series, a few more to come!


November 27th 2017

Here's a very entertaining video review of the film by Planet 9 Films! (Pixelated Something Contraption [Death Cat TV])


"The most unique film I've ever witnessed with my own two dead eyeballs!"

"[Atmo HorroX] features one of my new favorite villains of all time."

"A perfect combination of art meets horror."



November 8th 2017

Once again, time to add a fest to the list (our 17th!): The Hyper Hybrid Film Festival in Munich, Germany! Sounds like this will be a really pertinent fest for Atmo. Truly wish we could go!

Nov 30th - Dec 6th, 2017.


November 1st 2017

Yes! Atmo now reaching its 16th festival! We are happy to announce that the Festival Montevideo Fantástico in Uruguay has selected the film! Dates: 6-10 December 2017.


October 3rd 2017

HALLOWEEN IS COMING! If you dare to go out costumed as Catafuse from Atmo HorroX, and send us pics to prove it (in a social context of course!), we'll send you a SUPER PRIZE PACK!!! Which will include, get this, a COMPLETE SET of the film's trading cards! If there is more than one crazy bastard out there, we'll make other prizes. Women welcomed to join the challenge as well!

Contestants (if any!) must post their pic on the film’s Facebook page.


August 31rst 2017

Check out on Catafuse’s appearance at the Percéides Film and Art Festival on the film’s Facebook page!


August 22nd 2017


Oui, un autre festival s'enligne! Le super fest Fifigrot - Festival Groland à Toulouse présentera Atmo à 2 reprises! Une programmation du tonnerre! Ne manquez pas cher amis Français!

Samedi 16/09 à 20h30 – Cratère

Vendredi 22/09 à 18h – Cratère



Yes, another fest coming! The super Fifigrot - Festival Groland à Toulouse will present the film twice! An incredible lineup! Don't miss it my French friends!

Saturday Sept 16th, 8h30m - at the Cratère

Friday Sept 22nd, 6pm - at the Cratère


August 10th 2017

Yes! A new fest for Atmo! Film will be shown at the Perceides, the 9th International Festival of Cinema and Art. Director Pat Tremblay and actor Laurent Lecompte will be there for the whole fest and are expecting an appearance by Catafuse on site..!

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 10h15pm

Fest page for the film: http://perceides.ca/films2017/atmo-horrox/


August 6th 2017

Here's the actual schedule for the Full Moon Horror & Fantasy Film Festival. Atmo plays on Sunday August 12th, at 2pm in the Ion Hobana theatre. Rock on Romania!

Romania's Amos News talks about Atmo & features Detecron as its main article picture. : )

Google translated:



July 31st 2017

New festival announcement: Atmo will play somewhere between August  10-13th at the Full Moon Horror & Fantasy Film Festival in Transylvania, Romania!

See website for details: http://lunaplinafestival.ro/en

(Recent updates are only on the Romainian version)

From their Facebook post and according to the always sharply accurate Google Translate, this is what the unsuspecting Transylvanian public will see!: “An indelible and indelible film. A hallucinogenic and dementia experience about the madness of madness and the complexity of reality.”


July 25th 2017

Painter Claude Charlebois has honored the film by putting out his own homage to Atmo. Check this out!


May 29th 2017

There will be other screenings in the upcoming future, but since it's a bit slow these days, here's a new poster: #10!


April 4th 2017

When the Revelation Perth International Film Festival asks for support, you say YES! So here's a little 40 second video we did to support their indiegogo campaign! https://vimeo.com/211528248


March 15th 2017

New review coming from the mighty Film Threat!


"one of the weirdest films that has ever been sent to Film Threat"

"It channels everything from the domestic revulsion of David Lynch’s Eraserhead to the down-home freakishness of early Harmony Korine to the corn syrup ‘n latex aesthetic of low-budget 80s Italian horror"


March 14th 2017

New review from France! Coming after the Sadique-master presentation. From Cinema Club FR (in French).



March 9th 2017

***French below***

Paris review by Fais pas Genre after its Sadique Master presentation last Friday:

"Makes you think of Quentin Dupieux's Steak and The Greasy Strangler but after taking too much acid"


Critique provenant de France par Fais pas Genre, suite à sa présentation là bas vendredi dernier:

"On pense au Quentin Dupieux de Steak, à The Greasly Strangler, mais après avoir pris trop d’acide"

Pour lire au complet: http://faispasgenre.com/2017/03/atmo-horrox/


March 7th 2017

It’s IRELAND’s turn to accept Atmo! We’re very glad to announce the film will part of the “Altered States” section at the Belfast Film Festival!

The film will play on Tuesday 4th April, 8.30pm at the Beanbag Cinema.


March 6th 2017

Some pictures from the March 3rd screening at the RVCQ in Montreal:


February 13th 2017

Yes, another FESTIVAL! Glad to be part of the aptly named MidWest WeirdFest in Wisconsin! This marks the 3rd one actually happening on the same weekend as the Paris and Montreal presentations!

Sunday March 5th, 2pm.

Fest page here: http://www.midwestweirdfest.com/program/#/atmo-horrox/

Fest description: "Imagine if an EVIL DEAD era Sam Raimi met David Lynch at his experimental strangest. And the two shared some mind-altering mushrooms before deciding to collaborate on a motion picture... the result might very well resemble ATMO HORROX!"


February 7th 2017


New festival: 35e Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois!

So if you’ve missed its presentation this last summer at Fantasia or desire to be resubmerged in its dementia, here are the details:

Friday, March 3rd - 9h30pm

UQAM - Pavillon Judith-Jasmin Annexe | 1564, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal



Nouveau festival: le 35e Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois! Alors si vous avez manqué sa présentation à Fantasia, ou désirez être resubmergé dans sa folie, voici les détails:

Vendredi 3 mars - 21h30

UQAM - Pavillon Judith-Jasmin Annexe | 1564, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal


February 2nd 2017

TRAILER for the Sadique Master Film Festival in Paris... Wow, looks like it will be quite INTENSE! Check it out:



January 23rd 2017

Info et achat de billets pour la representation au Festival Sadique Master ici:




January 19th 2017

Thanks to both Horror Society & Horror Buzz for keeping up the coverage on the film, and mentioning our recent WIN!




January 16th 2017

First fest of 2017. Atmo has been selected by the Sadique Master Film Festival in Paris, France. Yes!



January 9th 2017

Great news! WINNER!

BEST UNDISTRIBUTED FILM OF 2016 Awarded by The Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle.



January 5th 2017

Atmo made another top movie list for 2016! This time from El'Ahrai Stanek, one of the hosts on the Harvey and Bob Show!

Listen to the podcast for his new comments in regards to his selection: (if you want to skip to the Atmo mention, go to the 32m30s mark)


***AND, if you listen til the end (1h07m40s) you’ll also realize that Atmo won their “NICOLAS CAGE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN WTF!” Which is justified by these additional quotes from both hosts (El'Ahrai & John Robinson):

"This movie is DRUGS!... and the fun ones! The ones that make you smell colors and taste sound."

"Atmo HorroX is imagination run wild on film."


January 4th 2017

Greg Atkins posted a blog talking about the Revelation Perth International Film Festival and makes a spotlight on Atmo! Check it out:



January 3rd 2017

The film has just been NOMINATED for BEST UNDISTRIBUTED FILM OF 2016 by the CIFCC - The Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle! Extra super!



December 19th 2016

Well what daya know! Atmo made Dave Dubrow's (from the Slaughtered Bird) TOP 5 movies of the year.... with the #1 spot! That is just simply awesome.



December 16th 2016

Atmo is part of the REVFEST's highlight reel, check it out! A super cool festival with a fabulous & amazing staff!



December 14th 2016

Brand new audio interview with Pat Tremblay conducted by El'Ahrai Stanek of the Harvey and Bob Show! Starts at the 5m30s mark. Enjoy!

Direct link: HERE

or find it on Itunes here:



December 9th 2016

Love this review from Horror Buzz!


"nothing short of a long stint in an asylum run by defrocked carnies is going to prepare you for Atmo HorroX."

"Atmo HorroX represents a sort of Cremaster Cycle for degenerates, An Andalusian Dog covered in filth and lacking any sense of shame."

"it offers a singular experience, an expression of a unique vision having no equal on this earth."

"Atmo HorroX exists on a continuum parallel to any rational reality, and for that reason I applaud the efforts of director Pat Tremblay."

Read in full here:



November 5th 2016

On your left is the festival UPDATED official POSTER for the film. DO spread around! Help it come to a screen or fest near you!!!

Meanwhile the film will head up to another festival. More info when we can announce it.


October 18th, 2016

Here's our first Mexican review. Can't say the Google translate is well done (no surprise!), but hey, here it is!


October 18th, 2016



October 17th, 2016

Announcement: new festival added! Atmo HorroX will play at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival in San Francisco, California.

With the midnightesque slot of 11pm on Friday Nov 4th! Click on poster for direct fest film page.


October 14th, 2016


This news comes a bit late, but we're nonetheless happy to read about it!



October 13th, 2016

The video interview for L'Étrange Programme (in French) has arrived:


October 12th, 2016

Philip K Dick Festival is a SCAM:

They take your submission money and don't watch all the films. Trust us, we could track them and saw they simply didn't. We contacted them multiple times, and they answered they would get back to us. Weeks of dead silence and other e-mails with no follow up... FILMMAKERS and INDUSTRY: Avoid this fest like the plague.


October 7th, 2016

Next week: (French) video interview with director Pat Tremblay and actor Laurent Lecompte on L’Étrange programme. More info once it’s out.


September 28th, 2016

Time to announce another festival stop for the film! This time, staying a little while longer in Mexico to play at the STUFF Film Festival at the end of October.


September 27th, 2016

New audio interview with Pat Tremblay by Jay Kay for Horror Happens Radio Show here:



September 22nd, 2016

ATMO HORROX Actor admits he prefers life over murdering

Laurent "Catafuse" Lecompte, one of the mysterious characters from Pat Tremblay’s 3rd feature film entitled ATMO HORROX, currently going through the festival circuit, recently admitted he prefers life over murdering. “Actually, I don’t think Pat interprets these moments in the film as murders per se.” Then continued with “I don’t think I’d enjoy killing outside of movies anyway. In fact, I enjoy life much more.”

With this strange statement, the interviewer asked for some clarification, so Laurent pursued with the following: “Listen, I don’t have plans to kill anyone as of now. I don’t wish to do that. Life takes you in so many directions, to say some fucked up situation won’t ever happen in your existence is like trying to manipulate the future, and we certainly know that we’re never truly in full control of our destiny. Let’s not be that pretentious! But again, that’s not something I’m looking to do any time soon.”

On this awkward note, we still encourage you to go and see this very weird piece of cinematic “comedy” of horrors…!

PLAYING TODAY the Arizona Underground Film Festival



September 8th, 2016

The film has been selected for the 5th FERATUM Film Festival in Mexico this October!



September 7th, 2016

Audio REVIEW from The Harvey and Bob Show podcast!


"[The Greasy Strangler] alot of people are calling it the most messed-up movie of 2016... No! It's not. That IS the most messed-up movie I've seen in some time. This is champion-level weird. And yet I kind of get what the director is talking about."

"This is very similar in a lot of ways to Begotten [but] much lighter in tone."

"It strains the mind in ways that human rationality just does not normally bend."

"I was thoroughly engaged, entertained and had fun watching it, I look forward into seeing this again."

-->Starts at 16m39s, but it's kind of spoilery, so head to 20m30s to get to the actual review part:





September 1rst, 2016

The /Slash Film Festival  in Austria has now put the English version of the page on their website. Read all about it here, along with the time and date:


Sept 25th, 1AM! Bring some speed, eh, we mean coffee!


August 30th, 2016

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE is now available for worldwide delivery! Check the MERCH section.



August 29th, 2016

The BUT Film Festival in Austria has put up the page is up with the film's screening date and time:

Date & time:

-Saturday September 3rd 8PM

-Sunday September 12PM

Film page here: http://www.butff.nl/en/work/atmo-horrox


August 25th, 2016

The Arizona Underground Film Festival has this to say about the film:

“Atmo HorroX is an impossible, and intriguing film that could be the weirdest and most bizarre film you’ve ever seen!”

Date & time:

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

9PM The Screening Room

Film page here: http://azuff.org/atmo%20horrox


August 18th, 2016

Fantasia album #4 now online!


August 16th, 2016

/Slash Film Festival in Austria has just announced Atmo HorroX as being part of their lineup! September 22nd - October 2nd 2016.


August 9th, 2016

The Arizona Underground Film Festival has accepted Atmo HorroX into their ranks for this year's edition! Sept 16th - 24th, 2016.


August 7th, 2016

Fantasia album #3 now on Facebook. Pics by Isabelle Stephen.


August 5th, 2016

Review by Gavln Schmitt from Killer Reviews:


"[Pat Tremblay] really leaves a mark that won’t soon be forgotten."

"you have to admire the level of technical skill in all aspects of the film."

"this is by far the most original film to come out this year."



August 3rd, 2016

New full audio interview with Greg Smalley (366weirdmovies). Great questions!


August 1st, 2016

POSTER #6 Unlocked!

3 more festivals to go so far. Announcements for 2 of those will be released soon enough.


July 30th, 2016

New review by Cinema Slasher


"It’s undoubtedly one of the strangest, most unique films of the year—if not the decade"

"It’s odd, gross, and strangely captivating."

Full read:



July 28th, 2016

Can you spot yourself in these? New photo album on Facebook. Atmo promo pics taken at Fantasia.


July 27th, 2016

New review by We Are Indie Horror!


"a sumptuously polychromatic psychedelic trip into the absurd and the nightmarish, one to be witnessed through careful and focused attention."

"Atmo HorroX is a combination of Lynchian nightmares and off-the-wall absurdism that’s not for the faint of heart"

"a bizarre and psychedelic experience that is fun to put together and unlock."

Full read here:



July 26th, 2016

A very good & entertaining review on the AB Film Review Podcast is now available!


★★★★ - "Certainly one of the most unique films I've ever seen."

"I like how just crazy it was, there were some really hilarious moments in it."

"it would be a perfect midnight film."

Starts at the 66mins mark: http://abfilmreview.com/podcast/ep-62/


July 25th, 2016

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE at FANTASIA tonight!!! Don’t miss it. 9h45pm.

2 super reviews are out:





July 24th, 2016

Greg Smalley from the excellent & resourceful website “366 weird movies” met with Pat Tremblay. Read on:



July 23rd, 2016

Here's a tease of Catafuse promoting and often scaring the Fantasia fanatics yesterday night...! More to come…

Photo by Isabelle Stephen

The live Australian interview we did on RTR FM 92.1 has been archived on their website and you can listen to it here:


Plus, yesterday's interview (in French) on CKUT FM 90.3 has also been archived and can be played again here:



July 22nd, 2016

English below

Un autre interview dans la publication CONVERGENCE!


Another interview (in French) in CONVERGENCE!


July 22th, 2016

English below

Nouvelle interview audio sur CKUT 90.3 avec Pat Tremblay (réalisateur) et Laurent Lecompte (comédien). Jouez l’archive ici:


New audio interview (in French) on CKUT 90.3 with Pat Tremblay (director) and Laurent Lecompte (actor). Play the archive by clicking on the link above.


July 20th, 2016

POSTER #5 Unlocked! And don't forget to check out the TEASER TRAILER!


July 20th, 2016

As promised from our REVERSE marketing campaign, it is now the time for you to view the TEASER TRAILER:



July 19th, 2016

Missed that one earlier on, but posting it now anyway! We made a top 10 list by no other then The Guardian!



July 19th, 2016

That's how you do it!


July 19th, 2016

The film has just been accepted at the BUT Film Festival in Breda, Netherlands. : )

From August 31rst to September 4th, 2016.


July 19th, 2016


aAh..... No such thing like a scam website trying to get your money to view a bootleg copy of Atmo HorroX... While still impossible to be found that way, this one didn't waste time in faking a page for it and ADDING lots of BS comments, as if they've seen the thing... Fun part being that they're obviously coming from some crappy review text generator! For those who've seen it or *even* just the trailer, check this out!!!



July 15th, 2016

Get your tickets ONLINE for the Fantasia screenings on Admission:



July 15th, 2016

Other mention on French website TVQC:


July 15th, 2016

New mention on awesome Bloody Disgusting website!


July 15th, 2016

Opening night party at Rev. Laurent Lecompte & Pat Tremblay (Atmo HorroX) & Kai Smythe (Hairy Soul Man).


July 13th, 2016

Our very first piece of fan art Courtesy of Connor Armenti : )

@connor armenti


July 11th, 2016

Our first review from FilmInk!



July 11th, 2016

REVELATION Perth Album #2:

Photos by Anthony Tran


July 11th, 2016

Mentioned in Fantasia's top 20 films to see this year! Article by The Gazette.



July 9th, 2016

REVELATION Perth pictures by Anthony Tran. Album #1.


July 8th, 2016

POSTER #4 unlocked!

The Fantasia International Film Festival has just announced the dates and times for Atmo HorroX!

July 25th, 9:45pm

July 29th, 11:55pm, yes, a very trippy midnite screening!

And while we’re at it, go and read the very exciting description that Simon Laperrière wrote for it:


If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, or want to confuse your brain once more, check it out here:



June 26th, 2016

POSTER #3 is now unlocked! Check out the ART/PICS section to view in full.

PLUS, writer/director Pat Tremblay, along with actor Laurent "Catafuse" Lecompte, will appear in person at the REVELATION Perth International Film Festival for the whole duration fo the fest. Thus being there for the 3 screenings, which are set for the following dates at the LUNA LEEDERVILLE theatre:

Sat 9, 8.45pm (Buy Tickets)

Sun 10, 8.45pm (Buy Tickets)

Fri 15, 7.30pm (Buy Tickets)


June 19th, 2016


The director had this to say about it: "The movie is a VERY weird one, it's kind of a psychedelic horror b-movie inside an experimental satire and then wrapped into a cryptic mystery thriller... And because of that, I've decided to actually release the OFFICIAL TRAILER first, and only later put out the TEASER TRAILER. I want to make sure you will learn even less by the time the second one arrives, especially since the movie has some rather slow burn gags... The film gives lots of trippy visuals but it's also a detective job for the spectator to decipher this Mind Puzzle. So be prepared for this reverse and very unspoilery promotion angle!"

Click HERE to view.


June 12th, 2016

Taking this moment to also announce the World Premiere at the 19th Revelation Perth International Film Festival. Description, dates and ticket info right HERE.

Go check out the ART/PICS SECTION to look at the "unlocked" poster #2!

Also added the synopsis in the ABOUT SECTION!


May 29th, 2016

ATMO HORROX, the brand new and 3rd feature film by Pat Tremblay is ready to get out and assault/confuse your senses! Here is the first poster (left) ready for you to share everywhere. Part of a series of 14, which will be gradually released in the weeks to come.

URL: http://www.fantasiafest.com/

The film will have its North American Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival. The World Premiere will be announced shortly.

Also, the OFFICIAL TRAILER will be available soon.

ps: Yes, the X in HORROX is one extra font size and should be written that way in all articles. Thank you!

You can find the Official Facebook page here:


And Twitter here: