This is the cover page for remembrances, in the form of stories, poems, bits and pieces and memorials to our fallen friends.
On the Medal of Honor page is the official citation of India's Richard Pittman's award. 
On the Navy Cross pages are the official citations for India Company's awards.  There were five to the company:  Corporal Caine, Lieutenant Campbell, Sergeant Panian, Lieutenant Williams and Lance Corporal James "Spanky" Norris Citation.  
On the Silver Star page we wish to publish as many of these awards as we can get.  12 are posted as of 25 November 2001.
All these citations have been broken down into individual pages, one per citation, in order that a link from the Table of Awards on the Battalion Home Page can reach them.

5th Marines earned a Presidential Unit Citation for Operations Union and Union II.   It is our belief that it is the only PUC awarded to one unit for one combined operation in the entire Vietnam War. On the PUC page.

5th Marines was awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation for Operation Mameluke Thrust in 1968,  on the MUC page.

For Dave Gurbal's tribute to the fallen of India, lain at the Moving Wall last week, and the reactions of the people there, please click Tribute, at left.

Frank "Sparks" Opferman was with India 3/5 in the early days of Tet '68 when he wrote this letter home to his Dad.  The letter was printed in Leatherneck Magazine.  Rod Johnson has kept this copy of the article all these years and submitted it for all of us and to remember and honor Sparks.

From John Harris of Lima Company, on the 34th anniversary of Hastings, we are posting his day by day remembrance of his experiences on that operation.  Each day, or couple of days will be posted separately in serial form as he submits them.  Today, July 19, 2000, we have posted his introduction and the events of July 18, 1966.  In all probability these will also be available on the Lima Company site.

From Gunny Gunderson, a remembrance of January 30, 1968, the beginning of TET. He calls it Battle for an Unnamed Island, or Operation Alamo, an unofficial name for the op given by the India's grunts.

A memorial page for Ron "Doc" Parlee, who died April 12, 2001. We miss him.

A memorial for James Castor, KIA 8/13/69, which has his obituary.  Silver Star.

A letter from Tom Gainer to Phillip Pierce's mother, returning his dog tags. Phillip was KIA 7/22/66.