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Name: Dale Heeman (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Dec 17 07:26:59 2001


Comment: Gary Lee Heeman is my brother. A son was born to me and Kathryn. He was born at the US naval acadamy Annapolis MD 13 May 1973.The last child to be born their. His name!! GARY LEE HEEMAN


Name: Joseph M. Giles (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Dec 14 08:40:10 2001


Comment: Was in M 3/5 from 1967 to 1968


Name: Joe (Homepage)


Country: Canada

Date: Sat Dec 8 07:03:08 2001


Comment: Great site. Feel free to visit my site to see who I am and what I'm up to! =)


Name: anyone who knew LCPL TIM CARMO (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Nov 30 23:37:08 2001


Comment: I've been searching for anyone who knew or served with my Uncle Tim, LCPL TIM CARMODY. 4/11/68-8/25/68, 1st marines,3rdBn,2nd platoon,Kilo. He was WIA on 8/21/68 at Thoung Duc & died 8/25. He was 20yrs. old,tall,& very humorous. Please e-mail me with ANY info. He is still missed so much. Thanks & God Bless


Name: jerry grant (Homepage)


Country: united states

Date: Thu Nov 29 13:37:26 2001


Comment: I was with H & S 81's from July 1968 to August 1969 based in An Hoa. Would like to hear from other people in 81's.


Name: Shelby Toal (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Nov 23 09:01:55 2001


Comment: nice site. Gordon Toal was my father. Thank you for the memorial.


Name: Neal J. Navarro (Homepage)



Date: Thu Nov 22 04:40:37 2001


Comment: Jim Navarro was my brother. He was KIA on 8 November 1967. If anyone knew him please contact me. Thanks


Name: Stan Bledsoe (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Nov 22 00:31:42 2001


Comment: Semper Fi


Name: Claude L Stephens (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Nov 19 06:12:47 2001


Comment: H&S Co. 3/5 Comm Wireman 66/67. Looking for Anthony Russo COMM Radio 66/67. Thanks


Name: JOSEPH GOMEZ (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Nov 12 02:03:59 2001




Name: Vance Weltzbarker (Homepage)


Country: U.S.A.

Date: Wed Nov 7 10:21:53 2001


Comment: Im Doc Weltzbarker's son (war baby). I know that my dad has many feelings, thoughts, and memories that he hasn't spoke a word about since he made it back home. Im also a desert storm vet 1/82 F.A. 1st Cav. Div. Im very proud of my dad for doing what he did over there. I know D.Storm was not nearly as devastating as NAM but, I was proud to serve because of the many war vets in my family. God Bless all you vets especially Vietnam vets.


Name: Lowell Johns (Homepage)



Date: Sun Oct 28 09:30:12 2001


Comment: this message is for Chris Hamner. He was loking for Frank Rodriquez. His E-mail address is ferodri@qwest.net I knew Frank in Nam. I was a hospital Corpsman. Lowell (Doc ) Johns


Name: Poft Michail (Homepage)


Country: Germany

Date: Wed Oct 10 04:18:25 2001


Comment: I love your site so much! I'm also found great site about you thematic - http://www.askaclub.ru/ - also great site, you may see, or may not see :)

Good luck, and thank you!


Name: H. A. Benler,M.D. (Homepage)



Date: Sun Sep 23 22:43:08 2001


Comment: Battalion Surgeon; JAN-AUG 69


Name: bryan.krueger (Homepage)


Country: america

Date: Wed Sep 19 03:53:17 2001




Name: jess (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Fri Sep 14 02:38:03 2001




Name: FRED NOVAK (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Sep 3 10:19:11 2001




Name: Jerry De Lena (Homepage)


Country: US

Date: Sun Sep 2 05:35:01 2001


Comment: Served as a rifleman and later radio operator from December 1969 to December 1970.


Name: Patricia Pelt (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed Aug 29 07:26:55 2001


Comment: Hi this message is for Randy Pelt found your webpage to be interesting,this one because the last name is the same and the other some of your pictures of you look exactly like my son. My husband and I were wondering what part of the country you are from?


Name: Clancey Fields (Homepage)


Country: God's USA

Date: Tue Aug 21 06:01:07 2001


Comment: WWII Marine, Survivor of Pearl Harbor& Iwo Jima. Father of Ken Fields (Mike CO)
Semper Fi.


Name: Zulema Leal (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Aug 10 22:44:32 2001


Comment: My brother was Hospital Corpsman Armando G. Leal, Jr. He was KIA in Operation Swift on 20 Sep 67. I want to thank you for posting my brother's information on the web. I came upon it accidentally one day.


Name: robert veloz (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Thu Aug 9 11:00:44 2001


Comment: i was with M 3/5 at Camp Pendleton from April 64
till we left for Viet Nam Sept 65.
I'm new at this cause I hate Computers.


Name: robert j.barone (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Wed Aug 8 11:04:03 2001




Name: Smitty (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed Aug 1 18:54:15 2001


Comment: We have added you to our links section and would like you to add ours to your site. Thank you


Name: Drew Lake (Homepage)


Country: America

Date: Fri Jul 27 13:58:15 2001


Comment: I am only 14 years of age and I know i don't understand everything you all went through and I never will. But it is the saddest thing when you read about what people gave so we could have this wonderful country we have today and I know that there are Vietnam Veterans who are living on the streets! The streets that they fought for! Starving to death. There country pushed them aside. That is some truly depressing stuff. People t


Name: Rick Golbeck (Homepage)



Date: Thu Jul 26 19:00:07 2001


Comment: I'd like to send my deepest heartfelt thanks to all my fellow Marines and their families, for thier prayers, thoughts, and condolences when my wife Shirley passed away on July 4th, 2001. Many thanks to Deb Reynolds and her brother for the beautiful memorial site they made for my "Sweetie Pie"! No greater family exists than the one here at Mike 3/5! Special thanks also to my good bro Chuck Greene, the wascal fwom Mt. Olympus! Semper Fi to all!/Rick Golbeck!


Name: Jim Straub (Homepage)


Country: USA-OH

Date: Thu Jul 26 03:37:50 2001


Comment: Just ran across this site while going through "Remembrances" & thought I'd check it out. Army..70' at BEARCAT.....34 miles north of Saigon....THANKS SO VERY MUCH!


Name: Robert Moore (Homepage)


Country: United States

Date: Sat Jul 21 11:26:51 2001


Comment: None at this time. Just visiting.


Name: George Brick (Homepage)



Date: Fri Jul 20 14:16:34 2001


Comment: I have just begun to look through the messages some of you have left. Skipper, great to see you are aboard. I retired in Nov. 92, from I-I Staff, Pearl Harbor. I think of my time with Mike Co. every day of my life.


Name: George Brick (Homepage)



Date: Fri Jul 20 14:11:19 2001


Comment: So happy to find out about this site. I am
I am anxious to hear how everyone is doing.



Name: Mike Pyle (GOMER) (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Fri Jul 20 08:28:34 2001


Comment: Ed
Great job here. Really good meeting you and all the rest of the 3/5 Marines in Georgia at the reunion. I have already sent my money in for next years Shin Dig and I know it's going to be a great time. Marines are special people.
Semper Fi
Mike "Gomer" Pyle
Kilo 3/9 1965/1966


Name: Bob Hanson (Homepage)


Country: PA USA

Date: Wed Jul 18 11:52:01 2001


Comment: Great work on getting this site together. I was with Mike 3/5 from 11/67 to 8/68. My MOS was 0331. The thought of that many years passing and so many things happening during that time I am looking for anyone who may remember me. I do remember the great men I served with and what they gave of themselves. I know we walked and we fought with pride.


Name: Antonio Martinez (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Jul 12 16:43:25 2001


Comment: I was a member of sgt.petes' 2nd sqaud, 2nd platoon,MIKE 3/5. I was on that knoll Sept.4 1967 on Operation Swift and I was in that rice paddy with all the other Marines in our Co. that day on Operation Essex when the NVA caught us bunched up.I was member of cpl. Brooks sqaud then. Recon/Rubenfeld,e-mail me! You old gung ho war dog.I remember Carnell and that ambush gone bad.There was no magic in puff that night.I was sqaud leader whe


Name: Jerry Lomax (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Jul 12 09:16:32 2001


Comment: Welcome aboard, Captain Pacello. This is like the Mike family coming together after a 1/3 of a century. Ronnie Williams and Willie Rivera, your buddies are still looking for you.


Name: Cpl Wm Vandegriff (Homepage)


Country: U.S.A.

Date: Wed Jul 11 15:28:05 2001


Comment: I served with Mike from Dec 66 thru Dec 67. I walked point and was also squad leader, 1st squad 1st plt. Jack Swan found me last thursday,put me onto the 3/5 site. So far haved talked to several of my brother's. Hope to hear from others soon, keep up the good work! Semper Fi


Name: Andy Zajaczkowski (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Jul 6 05:03:57 2001


Comment: I went to high school with Larry Peters aka.
Lightfingers Larry. It would be good if
someone could correct the spelling of his home
town in the Our Wall section of this web site. It
should be Binghamton, no "p". This is my first
visit to this web site and I think it is wonderful.
I have not explored all of it yet, but fully
intend to.


Name: Frank Pacello (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Jul 6 01:43:13 2001


Comment: Served as the Company Commander M/3/5 from March 68 to Sept 68.
Retired 1/2/82 from 8th Marines. Mike Company was a hardfighting group of outstanding Marines.


Name: l/cpl JP Swan (Homepage)


Country: Ventura,Ca

Date: Mon Jul 2 08:11:07 2001


Comment: Thank you Debbe Renolds for allowing me to open the most important door to my past.I can now recontact a future. Semper-Fi Swanie


Name: Rick Golbeck (Homepage)


Country: Minnesota, USA

Date: Sat Jun 30 08:31:31 2001


Comment: Hey Marines!
The entry from Kiwirider is a special one just below my last message! This bro is a hard corps grunt from New Zealand and has seen more than his share of the bush! I'm the "Baron" that he referred to. Any of you old grunts think you're tough, come to Combat Flight Simulator and look up BVBLACKDUCK or kiwirider, and we'll show you how to fly!!! Semper Fi! Baron Von Black Duck (Rick Golbeck!)


Name: Rick Golbeck (Homepage)


Country: Minnesota, USA

Date: Sat Jun 30 08:23:49 2001


Comment: Howdy All Again!
Just recently found Jim Romball from the original "M" 3/5! Thanks to his niece for spotting my message! Hope all you grunts are fine. I'm still looking for Bill Mattson from 1st platoon "M" 3/5 from 1966. Red headed joker that lived in L.A. Semper Fi all! Let's all reenlist!



Name: Kiwi rider (Homepage)


Country: new zealand

Date: Fri Jun 29 21:49:40 2001


Comment: Ex serviceman and a mate of the barrons ,payed a visit as a mark of respect,nice site guys,Well done.Hold your heads high,and walk with the sun,
your days will be longer,and your race will be run.


Name: Pete Stivers (Homepage)


Country: Rome, N.Y.13440

Date: Sun Jun 24 08:44:07 2001


Comment: Just checking out this web-site I served with Fox Co. 2/5 1st Mar Div 69 +70 Thank God I was a grunt


Name: AE3 Danielle M. Rainbow (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Jun 18 10:48:27 2001


Comment: Well I am the very proud daughter of GySgt Grady Rainbow. I just wanted to tell everyone that I have completely explored your website and I love it. You do not know how much these things have helped families of the men who fought for us has helped us to understand what exactly they went through. For all you all gave and are still giving I would like to express my deepest gratitude. To my dad if you ever read this entry...you could never make me


Name: Stephanie Stiles (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Jun 4 08:30:21 2001


Comment: My father told me about this site. He is Kenneth Fields. There is so much I do not know about what my father and all the other people that fought in Vietnam went through, so much I will never know. This site and others like it will give me a little insight. Thank you!


Name: GySgt (Ret) Jim Denney (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sat Jun 2 03:21:52 2001


Comment: I was assigned to H&S 3/5 in 1966 deployed aboard the USS Princeton. I distinctly remember the marathon liberty binges in the PI.


Name: Ricardo Rivera (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu May 31 03:47:44 2001


Comment: A doc that had the pleasure of serving with 3/5 from Dec. '95 to May '97. Truely enjoyed and learned so much from all the "Devil doggs" I served with.


Name: Ray Harton (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed May 30 04:52:05 2001


Comment: Hello and Semper-Fi to all. Just a short thank you to Curtis, Mike Wilson, Brenda, and Howard, for the wonderful reunion in LaGrange Ga. Top Notch for sure. We need to keep in touch, search out and make contact with our lost friends. Time is fleeting Marines. God Bless


Name: Randy Pelt (Homepage)



Date: Mon May 28 20:54:32 2001


Comment: Thanks to Doug Meyer and Thomas Wityak, I now have the two eyewitness reports needed to resubmit the awards recommendations made 30+ years ago for Mike Kempel and Joe Boydell.


Name: tdotell (Homepage)



Date: Mon May 28 04:10:40 2001


Comment: Great reunion at West Point Lake,Ga. 3rdbn 5thmars. Great effort by Curtis and Brenda and Mike and everyone...if you missed it ya gotta go next year...a gathering of Hero's and Warrior's and American's...Semper Fi


Name: mark hodges (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Sun May 27 06:52:17 2001


Comment: Enjoyed your sight. I found it accidentally while looking for maps of the An Hoa area. I was with Mike 3/3. They flew us down from Quang Tri in early Dec. 68. I had just arrived and thus, I walked ponint for our two months there. One day we found a large enemy boot camp. Yes, I remember the little green snake. One crawled across my boot once, I just stood there. I was medvaced at the end of the op with plasmodium falciprium malaria. Spent a month in DA Nang Hospital. You are very right about the



Name: Jim Doc Clarke (Homepage)



Date: Sat May 26 10:11:47 2001


Comment: Just a Memorial Day note to say hello to those who made it back! God Bless all you guys who fought the good fight! I was a former Navy Corpsman who worked in the 1st Hosptial Co. in Chulai from Nov. 66 - Nov 67. I know I worked on a bunch of you who were WIA and hope that needle didn't hurt too much!! Semper Fi god Bless America!!
Jim Clarke HM2/USN_USMC


Name: Kate (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sat May 26 07:33:00 2001


Comment: Marine Buddy Search: Is there anyone who can
link me up to associations for H$S 3/4, India
3/4, Kilo 3/4 and Mike 3/4. I'm trying to locate
buddies (from boot camp July thru Sept 1966) of
my brother PFC John James Conway USMC KIA March
17,1967 Quang Tri. Your help is appreciated.
God Bless, Kate


Name: Brenda (Homepage)



Date: Wed May 23 17:31:08 2001


Comment: Just wanted to say hi to all you brothers and sisters that came to the reunion at West Point Lake. I had a really great time meeting everyone and wish I had had more time to talk to each individual person. I just hope I can remember enough names to put to faces when I put my album together. Terry Parlee just left about 4:30 AM this morning and now we are down to me and Curtis again. We have really enjoyed all the company we had during this time. Thank you Jerry & Karen Bain, Bob Mowery, Den


Name: Ray Harton (Homepage)



Date: Tue May 22 07:32:56 2001


Comment: Looking for information on James Riley Ledbetter, he was a Navy Corpsman and was Killed on March 12th 1968. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Semper-Fi to all, and thanks to all who attended the Reunion in Ga. this past weekend, it was indeed a reunion of "Warriors".


Name: Ken Fields M3/5 (Homepage)



Date: Mon May 21 23:35:00 2001


Comment: To all 3/5 Marines and guests who attended the LaGrange reunion -- Thanks for being there!!!. I think I can say for all who attended that we had a great time. A special thanks to Curtis and the others who organized the reunion. Another special thanks to Chaplin Roger, the weapons display detail, the color guard and the bugler.
For those that were not able to attend; I hope you can come next year.
Semper Fi


Name: John Brasier (Homepage)



Date: Sat May 19 00:15:45 2001


Comment: I was a "Doc" with 3/5 March 66 to Marcd 67.
I friend of mine recently E-mailed me about these sites.
Great info and for the first time in years, looking back on a past I had closed away.


Name: Herb Butcher (Homepage)



Date: Sat Apr 28 08:00:31 2001


Comment: I was in 2nd platoon, Mike for first 6 mths of 1969. Rifleman and radio man. Went to Scouts and continued to work with Mike Co. through most of 1969. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers.


Name: Herb Butcher (Homepage)



Date: Sat Apr 28 07:59:41 2001


Comment: I was in 2nd platoon, Mike for first 6 mths of 1969. Rifleman and radio man. Went to Scouts and continued to work with Mike Co. through most of 1969. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers.


Name: LT Manuel Leal (Homepage)



Date: Wed Apr 25 07:45:08 2001


Comment: To all my fellow "doc's" I wish you well. You have set the standard for Corpman to follow. I have the deepest repect for your courage and valor. Anyone knowing HN Armando Leal, I would like to get in contact with.

V/R LT Leal (exHMC 8404)


Name: FATBOY (Homepage)


Country: U.S.A.

Date: Sun Apr 22 17:16:31 2001




Name: Christopher Perez (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Fri Apr 20 13:50:55 2001


Comment: Excellent site. I am the nephew of ERNEST PEREZ and I am trying to find anyone who knew him. He died before I was born but I feel a need to find those who knew him. I served as a corpsman in the early 90's so I served with fellow Marines. I know he was in Mike 3/5 and he died on june 30, 1966 in Phu Yen. If anyone knew him please advise. God bless you, Chris Perez


Name: Randy Pelt (Homepage)



Date: Mon Apr 16 21:36:44 2001


Comment: If you were with Mike when Doc Kempel was KIA in Aug70, please contact me. I have resubmitted a sliver star recommendation for Kempel and a bronze star for Joe Boydell. These were never awarded. I need one other witness for Kempel and two for Boydell. Can anyone help me???

Thanks and Semper Fi


Name: Tom Zippo (Homepage)


Country: Bronx NY

Date: Sat Apr 14 10:48:53 2001


Comment: With M 3/5 Sept-66 thru May 11 1967 shot in leg at Operation Union


Name: Thomas A. Wityak (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sat Apr 14 00:48:58 2001


Comment: I served with Mike 3/5 from Sept. '69 to Sept.'70.
I was point man,tunnel rat, demo, and M-60 gunner.
I remember Frank Sonema, Jimmie Pitts, Donnie Tucker,Sgt.Perez. I served on Hill 52,55,65,37,
Arizona Territory, Phu Nauns, An Hoa, Liberty Bridge, Charlie Ridge,Alligator Lake, Goi Noi Island etc. If it wern't for flashbacks I'd have no memory at all. Semper Fi


Name: Vernon J. Ford (Homepage)


Country: U.S.A.

Date: Thu Apr 12 21:55:11 2001


Comment: This is my new e-mail address and I hope that it can be changed on the site that I have on Mike 3/5.


Name: Arthur B. Diabo (Homepage)


Country: Canada

Date: Sun Apr 8 02:26:49 2001


Comment: I'm a Mohawk Indian living on a Reserve south of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I served with Mike 3/5, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad from February to June 1968. Wounded twice. First time was May 9th on Hill 1192 while duking it out with a sniper. The second time I took a round through the forearm while walking point in the Arizona, June 14th 1968 during Mameluke Thrust. I was there when Doc Bowman, Gunny Harville and a lot of other good Marines were killed by snipers in the NVA/VC base camp on Hill 1192. W


Name: Lani Ahuna (Homepage)


Country: U.S.A

Date: Fri Apr 6 14:00:02 2001


Comment: Please put my friend on the r0ster. D.C. Burback S.# 2216611 USMC 3rd. Bn. 5th.marines 1st. marine div. 3rd.platoon 3rd.squad mike comp.1966-67 Home Address: P.O. box 42723, Tucson, Arizona 85733
Thank you -Your Brother , Lani Sanborn Ahuna


Name: Larry & Kathy Chapman (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Tue Apr 3 11:35:43 2001


Comment: My uncle CPL Robert Roland Watrous was in the H&S 3/5 1ST MARDIV. Was killed on Aug 16,1967 in operation Cochise, Quang Tin Prov. If you know of him or was a buddy of his it would be nice to here from you as my husband is putting a book together of his short lived life. He also participated in operations listed below.
1.Deckhouse 1 as SLF
2.Nathan Hale as SLF attached Opcon 1stCAVDIV US Army RVN.
3.Deckhouse 11 as SLF
4.Hastings as SLF attched task force Delta 111 MAF


Name: Dominic (Skip) Vimarco (Homepage)



Date: Fri Mar 30 04:41:10 2001


Comment: Was with K-3/5 spring/summer of 67. Thanks for saving our asses on 13 May 67, Operation Union. Looking for a Micky Cherodo (note sure of spelling last name)from Chicago. With M-3/5 wounded on 13 May 67, shot in leg. Any help a welcome. Also Jim Quinn in M-3/5 looks like Jim Quinn I went to boot camp with. Plt. 2238. He is also from Chicago. If same plase get in contact with me. Great web site, will be regular from


Name: Randy Pelt (Homepage)



Date: Thu Mar 29 21:32:42 2001


Comment: I am trying to locate my radio operators when I was the CO July-Sept70. One was a redhead named Davis who I believe was from NC. I brought him to the company CP group from Mike 3. The other I remember was named Dalina (Delina??). I think he was from PA. Does anyone know their current whereabouts???

Thanks and Semper Fi- Randy


Name: Ken Fields (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Mar 29 05:28:36 2001


Comment: Incidently, Clancey Fields, the WWII "jarhead" that signed in on Jan 2, 2001 was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked and a veteran of the battle for Iwo Jima. He is also my father.


Name: James Schooley (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Mar 29 05:26:10 2001




Name: Richard Beason (Homepage)



Date: Thu Mar 29 05:05:24 2001


Comment: Looking for Capt John D. Murray. He was my CO 1971 India 3/4.


Name: Ken Fields (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Thu Mar 29 03:34:19 2001


Comment: Have known about this page for some time but reluctant to sign in until now. I served with M3/5 from 2/67 to 3/68 as 0331 and ended up as Weapons Platoon Commander. Made all operation during that time. Altho time fades the memory, this web page brings back a lot of them including names and places. Thanks!


Name: terry otell (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Thu Mar 29 02:19:44 2001


Comment: Just wanted to sign your guest book and let you know I was with MIKE 3/5 68'. I was a radioman rifleman with 1st. plt. during TET w/Sgt.Blair and LT.Richard(Reshard). Wounded twice during TET. Wounded twice more in April68'. Left country end of May 68'. reassigned to Marine Barracks Sasebo,Japan. Still hanging in there living in my hometown in Kittanning,Pa. 724-543-1328. I also think I know some of the guys in a couple of the group pictures that belong to J.C. Bowers, I'm in at least two of the


Name: Martin Bouda (Homepage)


Country: Czech republic

Date: Wed Mar 21 18:51:40 2001


Comment: Sir, i have been interested in the history of USMC in the time of the Vietnam war.I would be very happy if you could contact me,iwould have some questions.Your Martin.


Name: John Daniels (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed Mar 21 00:16:24 2001


Comment: Went over with 3/27. Was 3516 in charge of motor transport. Got transfered to 1st Hospital Co. after Allen Brook. Still remember the smell.


Name: Robert Montgomery (Homepage)


Country: usa

Date: Tue Mar 13 22:06:10 2001


Comment: thanks for the great web site. thanks to deb and brad i would not have fun it. keep up the great work Ed.


Name: Dale D. Spilman (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Mar 12 22:51:48 2001


Comment: Great accounting of M-3-5. Served with M-3-5 from early 64 to 65. Weapons Plt. Rockets.


Name: Larry Nelson (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sun Mar 11 00:53:58 2001


Comment: Joined "M" Company-Weapons Platoon M60 @ Camp Pendleton Apr. 1964. Displaced for Vietnam on/or about 5 Sep 1965...went to Okinawa aboard the USS Mitchell for further traing (Gorilla War Fare and Raider). Made beach landing at DaNang on /or about 22 Nov 1965. Redisignated to "C" Company 1st Bn 4th Marines Third Marine Division...until May 20 1966...when I was moved to "E" or "F" Company 2/1/1. Rotated to the States 18 Oct 1966. Discharge from "L" Company 27th Marines. I know Rod Litsey- was in bo


Name: Rodney Litsey (Homepage)



Date: Tue Mar 6 23:15:12 2001


Comment: I was with m/3/5 in 1964-1965 Weapons platoon guns. We went to RVN in autum of 65. We spent some time on Okinowa and went to DaNang in the autum of 1965. When we arrived in country we became c/1/4 In the summer of 1966 I was transfered to 1st Force Recon and sent to the DMZ.I spent my last year in the states at Camp Pendleton. I worked at the base brig at mainside. I've been looking for vets that I was buddies with and have have found a few.


Name: Stew (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Tue Mar 6 03:28:44 2001


Comment: Great site. Was in RVN from 4/66 to 12/67 in Fox 2/12, a 105mm howitzer battery, and TAD to Kilo 3/9 as the enlisted FO. Semper fi.


Name: Larry R.Brown (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Mon Mar 5 13:04:17 2001


Comment: Great page if you run into anyone who served in H&S Co.3/9 please forward them to myself LarryAZ1@aol.com or to
Jerry Branson @ JERRYBLACKROBE@AOL.COM. We are looking to put together H&S for a possible reunion
in 2002 Las Vegas, Thank you Mike and Semper Fi.
Great site.


Name: Curtis Batten (Homepage)


Country: Bernice, La.

Date: Wed Feb 28 23:01:12 2001


Comment: Hey Fella's--"SEMPER FI" I served with Mike from Oct. 1967 till Sept. 1968 when I was wounded and then medivaced back to the world. I was 0351 (rockets) attached to weapons plt. Just found this site great job. Don't have e-mail address but would still love to hear form anyone P.O.Box 561 Bernice, La. 71222


Name: Leon S. Meaux (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed Feb 28 00:03:27 2001


Comment: Served with Mike 3/5 68 - 69. Would like to here from Arthur Miles. When I read your bio I could only cry. Robinson, Niedecken, Dooley, and Buckles. It has been along time Marine. We were there together in Nam.


Name: James Rodriguez (Homepage)


Country: united states

Date: Sat Feb 24 08:46:56 2001


Comment: Thanks a million for this site.I had recent entries trying to get a hold of Art Miles ( You gave me his e-mail address) pertaining to a freind of mine that was kia in quang nam in feb 68 (Jimmy K Robertson) Art and Jimmys son (He never knew his Dad) are communicating now and plan to get together soon. I am now trying to get a hold of other KIA's families that served with Art and Jimmy. If anyone could provide me with any informatio


Name: Thomas Howard (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sat Feb 24 05:14:23 2001


Comment: Vietnam 69-70


Name: dave krueger (Homepage)



Date: Wed Feb 21 10:22:47 2001


Comment: lots of old friends popped up when I started searching for nam buddies. I will be making contact with those that are still breathing
fresh air and upright.


Name: Vic Scheeler (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Wed Feb 21 09:45:33 2001


Comment: I served with k co. 1967& 68 also India co. 1968 & 69. Left vietnam on Jan. 19, 1969.


Name: Scott Turchin (Homepage)


Country: USA of course

Date: Mon Feb 19 11:27:17 2001


Comment: Read a lot of books in the past few months about Hill 55, and Mike 3/5 keeps coming up...
I'm an Army veteran, 83-90..

What strikes me as awesome, is the bond that men in combat have endured. You people have not seen eachother in 30 years but that bond is still there, and that's awesome..

Ed Kugeler put out a book about snipers in the Nam, I'll send him this link because his book mentions 3/5 contantly..

And from an Army Vet, I'd say Semper Fi but Id' be outta plac


Name: Dan Turner (Homepage)



Date: Mon Feb 19 09:05:52 2001


Comment: Great web site! In honor of Pfc Mike Turner who succumbed to Hue snipers 33 years ago this day (02/18/68), I'm trying to get correct pertinent co/batt information in order to purchase duplicate medals that were stolen with his duffle after his interment. Thus..the reason I'm going through the 3/5 companies...any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Semper Fi MARINES


Name: Kim (Homepage)


Country: US

Date: Fri Feb 16 10:38:11 2001


Comment: This is a very informative web-page...I am searching for information on MAMELUKE THRUST, on or around August 21, 1968...my Uncle,
TIM CARMODY, LCPL 1st Marines, 3rd Batallion, Kilo Company, was KIA. I am helping my father find as much info as I can...


Name: Ian Mixon (Homepage)


Country: USofA

Date: Mon Feb 12 00:48:36 2001


Comment: Looks like a good site to me. I was wonder ing if other weapons were used in Vietnam besides m1 garand,winchester 70,remington700.browning 50 calwith scope and m16 with starlight and also m14 with scope these are all i know of and i wondered if springfield 1903a3s were used among the others.


Name: Scott Bradley (Homepage)


Country: USA

Date: Sat Feb 10 02:24:42 2001


Comment: Just been looking for 3/5 stuff on the net for a few days and I found your site. I was in Weapons Company from '93-'95. I was a 0351 (Anit Tank) and the company clerk for a short 6 months. Love seeing the crest of the best on the net.


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Comment: Just wanted to say Hi! I really liked your page and I was wondering if you could add my link to it... Check my homepage at: http://artarchive.cjb.net =)


Name: james (Homepage)


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Date: Mon Jan 29 04:33:20 2001


Comment: would like to communicate with anyone that knew or servedwith jimmy karon robertson,mike company 3/5 th who was kia on feb 3rd 1968 in quang nam province.

Arthur Miles where are you?

please contact jim rodriguez at e mail uez@msn.cim



Name: Ron Pottorf (Homepage)


Country: us

Date: Sat Jan 20 06:29:00 2001


Comment: L/cpl 3/5 1966-67 viet nam...motorman 81MM
thanks fo the site....


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Date: Tue Jan 16 04:01:16 2001


Comment: I was with the 1st Radio Battalion's 1st Platoon at An Hoa and Hill 37 from June 1969 until June 1970. I was a Vietnamse linguist in communication intelligence, and rarely got to chat with other units. Spent time with H & S on Operation Durham Peak during the summer of 1969, though I was in-country only 2 weeks.