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Pictures of Hill 49, August 1966

MurrayAug66Hill49.jpg (23091 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49(2).jpg (36986 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49(3).jpg (24106 bytes)

MurrayAug66Hill49CarlinGriffithHunsuckerBarlow.jpg (30160 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49GriffithBarlowHunsucker.jpg (25017 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49GriffithTurner.jpg (23620 bytes)

Left: Carlin, Griffith, Hunsucker, Barlow

Middle: Griffith, Barlow, Hunsucker

Right: Griffith, Turner


MurrayAug66Hill49HurrinHunsucker.jpg (15013 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49RossBarlowHunsucker.jpg (22503 bytes) MurrayAug66Hill49Turner.jpg (16196 bytes)

Left: Hurrin, Hunsucker

Midde: Ross, Barlow, Hunsucker

Right: Turner