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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971


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Welcome to a Mike Company unofficial Web Site.  

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If this is not your first visit, click what's new, as of August 26, 2009 for changes to this site.  For reunion information please check www.usmcvietvet.org/index for upcoming news. 

We are a loose organization of veterans of the company who want to have a central place where we can stay in touch.

The purpose of this page is to establish a presence on the Web where all Mike Company veterans, family and friends may read and post stories, pictures, poems and also serve to bring us closer together. To many of us,  we have had no closer friends than those we made in the 'nam. Yet, for many, twenty-eight to thirty-three years have passed since we've seen, spoken or written to each other.  A main reason for this page is  to help find our long lost friends as well as promote reunions. 

On this site you'll find a page for a roster of Mike company vets; a Regimental History from inception in World War 1 through Vietnam; a brief description of some of the operations that 3/5 participated in Vietnam; GySgt Rainbow's memoirs of his time with Mike Company, also memoirs from Mike McFerrin; a copy of the narrative section of the official battalion chronology for April 1970; pictures and maps from our contributors; a guestbook which we urge you to sign; a message board, sort of a mini-forum to exchange news and views; an H&S page and pictures just because this page's author was an H&S vet and we're orphans; and links to our favorite sites. We used to have India company folks here but they have their own page now, they deserve it! We have a Remembrance section, containing stories, poems and memorials to our fallen comrades.  Finally, we have started up our own Wall.   This is an ongoing effort and requires help from all of us to ensure that everyone who should be on it, is.

Finally we wish to thank Brad Reynolds for all he's done towards forwarding the interests of the members of the Company since the inception of this site.  We are establishing a rotating tour of duty, to last approximately a year, or 13 months...ring a bell?, for volunteers to act as pointman for this effort.  Starting now, June 2000, Mike McFerrin will be the point of contact for Mike Company for communications of any kind.   

Please send comments and feedback on this website, to the Webmaster.   Thanks and SEMPER FI!.


The background on this page and the superimposed 3/5 emblem on the eagle globe and anchor were made for us by Victor Vilionis of 7th Marines.  With many thanks.

This is a new guestbook, as of 11/23/99.  To view the archives of our old guestbooks, click here or on archive2.htm

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This page was opened on 3/15/99 and last updated on 08/30/09.



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