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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Veterans of the Vietnam War
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I wish to tender my sympathy at your loss. May the good Captain Rest in Peace. We will join him in further service someday.

Semper Fidelis, Grady L. Rainbow



I wasn't with the Captain during Operation Taylor Common, I joined Mike Co. 13 March 1969. The Hill in reference and it's battle is best discribed by Paul O'Connell. I was there when the AmTrac's were lost to a box mine on Operation Pipestone Canyon, many good Marines died that day. The Skipper wasn't in any way responsible and should have felt no guilt. It was just a tragic loss of war.

I last saw Capt. Burns at 1st Division Headquarters in 1970, I had been transferred from M 3/5 due to wounds and multiple Purple Hearts (2). He was in good spirits and had kind words for me.

I remained in the Corps for 16 years, until disabled out in 1984. I often wondered where the Skipper was, but never met him again. We were planning a reunion of survivors of "Mike" sometime soon, maybe this Marine Corps Birthday. If it goes well and we do meet at the Wall, we will lift a glass and a prayer for the Skipper.

My best friend, and I believe Paul's, was Terry Housholter. We lost Terry on Pipestone Canyon in '69. He had been Capt. Burns radioman for several months before returning to the 1st platoon.

I served under the Captain as a PFC and a Lance Corporal, so I didn't really get to know him very closely. But I do remember him and his leadership. It is fitting he taught his sons about war, no one hates war more than the warrior, and Terry Burns was a warrior.



Grady L. Rainbow