Business Presentation Services:

I offer writing, editing, layout and design services, and can create presentations using Astound or PowerPoint.

One service that is much in demand is the creation of secure, navigable electronic files (with Acrobat) for use in corporate e-libraries which can be read by either PCs or Macs. These are useful for storing illustrated reports with graphs and tables, and can be printed or used for onscreen presentations.

Christine Hastie:

Electronic Presentation

Not everyone is using computers for presentations—and those who do probably don’t use it all the time. It is time- and labour-intensive. Sometimes, however, it is well worth the effort.

Tip: For corporate presentations whose primary objective is to motivate or stimulate the audience, electronic presentations are eminently suitable. They can easily incorporate video, text and animations without juggling equipment during the presentation.

But these need time to prepare and even extra time to set up on the day of the presentation. Allow at least three weeks lead time for electronic presentations. Add extra time if you are considering shooting video segments.

If you are presenting data, acetates may suit your needs better; it is easy to write on an acetate during the presentation—and the rolled-up sleeves look goes better with transparencies than with computer presentation equipment.

Data is less suspect if it is clearly and plainly presented, that is, not glitzed over with fancy backgrounds and animations. However, “data” does not have to mean just numbers and facts. Illustrations can be useful, models, maps, and graphs, too.

I can help you by creating appropriate data presentation graphics. From these, I can create either an animated presentation file for your computer or printed acetates.

Tip: Transparencies make great backup materials.


Reports & Acetates

So much work is contracted out these days by large companies. If you are hired by a corporation and the final presentation wows all who attend, they will surely use your services again and again.

Researchers, take note: colour reports, colour acetates and even electronic presentations are de rigeur nowadays.

Tip: Integrate images with text to illustrate exactly what you mean.

Good colour reproduction of the images and readable text are ensured. Your images will be scanned, placed with the appropriate text, and faxed to you for proofing. I will also print your colour report for photocopying and binding.

Colour acetates can really pull a presentation together. But don’t try to print them on a colour laser printer! The output is too dense to show well onscreen.

Tip: For acetates, use an inkjet printer and follow the printing instructions for your make and model. Buy good quality acetates: cheap ones can get marked up as they pass through your printer.

Proofreading & Editing

Good English usage is still important … but ever rarer! I may not be a professional grammarian, but I have 25 years of business writing experience.

A seed catalogue company keeps referring to itself in the plural throughout the catalogue:“The Beta Seed Company have brought together …”(My emphasis; the name is changed.)

This should read:“The Beta Seed Company has brought together …”

If you have a quickie phrasing question for an urgent document, you can email me with your problem and I can offer suggestions.

Better still, hire me. Fax me a copy of your report and I will proofread it, faxing you back changes and suggestions. Confidentiality is assured.

Tip: If you are having trouble with a particular idea or phrase, change the way you lead up to it. Many phrasing problems are clarification issues. A good thesaurus will help you find the right word.

The new Canadian Oxford Dictionary of English will help with spelling (here for other interesting titles). Spellcheckers with your software usually only give American spelling, although this is not true of Corel's Wordperfect Office 2000. Canadian corporations and other institutions like to ensure Canadian usage, and rightly so!

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