Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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3/5 Marines Foil Attempted Enemy Ambush

By Cpl. Earl Gerheim

PHU BAI -- A Marine company fought its way out of the jaws of an enemy trap, killing three enemy and capturing six rocket launchers during a combat sweep south of Da Nang.

The lead platoon of "M" Co., 3/5 came under intense North Vietnamese small arms and machine gun fire as they attempted to cross an open area while sweeping for the enemy.

Pinned down by the heavy hostile fire, the Marines called in artillery missions on the enemy positions in an attempt to dislodge the communist soldiers from their fighting holes and bunkers.

Finally, after hours of fighting, the Marines were able to pull back to cover under the support of Leatherneck small arms fire which raked the hostile positions.

The Marines regrouped and renewed their assault on the enemy, who had retreated.

Found as they swept over the positions were six B-40 rocket launchers and three enemy bodies. Several blood trails were found in the treeline which concealed 45 fighting holes and embrasures.