Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Grenade Duel
NVA Base Camp

Published Stories by Earl Gerheim

Earl Gerheim was a Marine combat correspondent who spent most of his time with Kilo Company 3/5 but also spent some time with Mike Company.  These five stories were written at the time.  Four were published but the fifth one may have been squashed by higher ups. His email is egerheim@msn.com


Grenade Duel is the story of Sgt Terry Wilkinson's duel with an NVA soldier.  Terry was an interpreter attached to Mike Company.

Ambush was written during Operation Allenbrook and is about Mike Company.

Cornmeal is a story about Vietnamese refugees and a new recipe devised by 3/5 civil affairs, led by 2nd Lt. Wayman Dodson, who also was a Platoon Commander with Mike Company.

Scout is a story about Dan Hignight, a 3/5 S-2 scout who helped a Mike Company squad out of a tight spot during Operation Mameluke Thrust.

NVA Base Camp is a story of five day fight May 8-13 when Mike Company ran into an NVA base camp.