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Craig Sullivan (2nd Picture Page)

KenLotri.jpg (11950 bytes)

Ken Lotridge, Phu Bai

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1. 1st Platoon CP, Hwy 1

2. 1st Platoon Rocket team.

3. Bridge on Highway 1, for which 1st Platoon had security.

4. CH34

5. Craig giving haircuts to engineers on Hill 53.

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6. Two pictures of Hueys.

7. NVA KIA on Operation Swift...courtesy of 1st Platoon

8. Mother and child, Mecureo looking on

9. Craig with Mamasan

10. Craig and Sgt Mac (can't remember name) at Phu Bai. Craig and the Sgt. were DIs at PI together.

1SullyMecureoAndMe.jpg (27855 bytes) 1SullyMeinfrontofVCHouch.jpg (30940 bytes) 1SullyMortarGuys.jpg (17521 bytes) 1SullyNVACapturedWeapons.jpg (22107 bytes) 1SullyPaPasanAndtwoHoneys.jpg (15972 bytes)

11. Craig and Mecureo, resting.

12. VC Hooch

13. Mortar squad on Highway 1 (these were the guys that were KIA by a VC mortar round.)

14. Captured NVA weapons.

15. Two pictures of locals on Highway 1.

1SullyTrap.jpg (7089 bytes) 1SullyVillage.jpg (27388 bytes) 1SullyVillageStore.jpg (16252 bytes)

16. Top left, hygiene in the field. Bottom left, heel of Craig's taken off when stepped into a VC trap.

17. Vil

18. Village store.