Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Craig Sullivan

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SullyandWife.jpg (18406 bytes) SullyCoveredwell.jpg (28931 bytes) SullyKenFields.jpg (34123 bytes) SullyQuesonValley.jpg (7834 bytes) SullyFoxHole.jpg (22368 bytes)

From left: 1991 picture of Craig and lovely wife Barri, Birthday Ball after Craig came back from Desert Storm; Covered Well in Que Son Valley; Ken Fields next to a sign he painted for 60mm mortars; Que Son Valley; Next to fox hole.

SullyQueSonValleyWalker.jpg (14621 bytes) SullyTankHwy1.jpg (12933 bytes) SullyMeonOperSwift.jpg (24025 bytes) 

Que Son Valley w/ Steve Walker's (Haygood) head visible; Tank on Highway 1, south of Hill 63; Craig coming out of a stand of banana trees on Operation Swift.

SullyMortarPit.jpg (20505 bytes) SullyMortarPit2.jpg (18141 bytes) SullyMortarTeam.jpg (14096 bytes)

This is the 60 Mortar Team assigned to the 1st Platoon while we were on Bridge Security on Hwy 1. They were hit with a direct hit from a VC Mortar and all were Killed. I do not remember their names. Also shown are two views of the mortar pit which got hit.

SullyandLewis.jpg (7629 bytes) SullySgtsLewisClarkMeonHill52.jpg (11163 bytes) SullyDocPhelps.jpg (16337 bytes) SullyMecureoandKretsinger.jpg (5118 bytes)

From left:  Sgts Lewis and Sullivan; Sgts Lewis, Clark and Sullivan;

an ARVN scout with Doc Phelps; LCpls Mecureo and Kretsinger (KIA 8 Nov 67)

SullyBridgeCPHwy1.jpg (8459 bytes) SullyNamTunnelUnionII.jpg (11870 bytes) SullyTankonHwy1Bridge.jpg (14498 bytes) SullywAK.jpg (19200 bytes)

From left: Bridge CP on Highway 1, 1st Platoon had security; Sgt Sullivan coming out of a tunnel on Union II; Tank crossing the bridge on Hwy 1; Sgt Sullivan with captured AK.

SullyWeaponsCapturedby1stPlatoon.jpg (34952 bytes) SullyNewspaperClip.jpg (29902 bytes)

From left:  More captured weapons by 1st Platoon;

Newspaper clipping of the Sgt Sullivan's Bronze Star (on Operation Swift), out of the Jacksonville Journal in Jacksonville, Florida.

wpe30.jpg (10767 bytes) wpe32.jpg (9189 bytes)

This is an NVA Fire Team that attack my position when I was trying to gather 
up several of my wounded troops on Operation Swift. They had a bad Day.
The picture below are the weapons I took from them.

wpe2E.gif (54748 bytes)

Sgt Sullivan receiving a purple heart on Hill 53 from Colonel Rockey.

wpe1.jpg (34013 bytes)

These are VC prisoners captured by Sgt Sullivan's 1st Platoon of Mike Company 3/5, in March 1968.    

wpe3.jpg (20691 bytes)


This is the bomb crater the wounded were put in on Operation Swift, September 4, 1967

wpe5.gif (26791 bytes)

Sgt Sullivan receiving Bronze Star from Col Rockey on Hill 53

wpe7.jpg (20692 bytes)

This picture is a picture of Cpl. Luke. 1st Plt. Mike Radio Operator 3/5 in 67. I can't remember his name other than Luke. He was KIA in the Antenna Valley. I don't remember the date.

wpe9.jpg (26086 bytes)

This picture is a picture of L/Cpl. Swan. 1st Plt. Mike 3/5 Rifleman in 67. Swan stepped on a Booby Trap and was Medevaced out after Swift.

wpeB.gif (41496 bytes)

From the left, Cpl. Macuiro, Sgt. Sullivans radio Operator 1st Platoon Mike CO, 3/5 in 67. Cpl. Luke,Radio Operator 1st Plt Mike CO 3/5 67. Sgt. Sullivan Plt Commander 1st Platoon Mike CO. At Hill 55

wpeD.jpg (15331 bytes)

This picture is Sgt. Sullivan South of Hill 53

cs Odom and Arthur Schjolle March 1968.jpg (29070 bytes)

Picture of Sgt. Odom & Arthur Schjolle of H&S CO in March of 68, also at Phu Bai. Schjolle was burned the next day and had to be medevaced out.


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cs_sully.jpg (45999 bytes)  cs_ron.jpg (68715 bytes) cs_nva.jpg (45760 bytes) cs_wpns1.jpg (42374 bytes) cs_wpns2.jpg (46959 bytes)

Pictures from Craig Sullivan, from left to right.

1.  Sergeant Craig Sullivan,  6 January 1968,  Hue Phu Bia.

2.  L/Cpl Ron Mercurio, Radio Operator for the First Platoon Mike Company on patrol around Hill 63.

3. Sergeant Sullivan with 2 Dead NVA Soldiers Killed on Operation Swift, September 4, 1967.

4. Sergeant Sullivan's First Platoon of Mike Company captured these NVA Weapons and Equipment during
Operation SWIFT.

5. NVA Weapons Captured by the First Platoon of Mike Company 3/5, during Operation Swift on 4 September 1967.