But to see cool birds, you need only look out the window. This shot of snow buntings was taken by T. Czap on her lawn. There were over 200 birds. For a cool birding site, try here
Mosquitoes are so desperate, they'll try to bite into anything, even a parka.
The town hired naturalist, Mark, and he took us birding on Ship Sands Island (see map). This shot makes it look like he didn't need us along at all, but we are actually following in his steps, because the grasses hide a wet, boggy soil. It's easy to leave your boot behind you in the glore.
During spring breakup, the ice starts to pile up on the banks which can cause flooding (below).
At low tide, you can see a sandbar in the middle of the river. The water taxis have to go around the sandbar to take you across to Moose Factory.

You can canoe to Moosonee from Cochrane, but there are dangers. Take a guided tour to Moosonee as a coureur de bois. Or a tour to Polar Bear Provincial Park.

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