The Polar Bear Express (schedule) is the only land access to Moosonee (from Cochrane) and it is the end of the line for the northern extension of the rail in Ontario.
If you would like to see video of the train, contact us.
It is only possible to go to Moose Factory by water taxi in the summer (Brace yourself! The breeze is fresh). Although the tour boat, Polar Princess, below, will take you there (here for tour information).
If you come back from Moose Factory this way, you've probably done something wrong.
Goods are airlifted to Moose Factoy during spring breakup and fall freezeup, that is, when the river is otherwise impassable.
Canadian Airlines Beechcraft
Air Creebec Hawker Siddley
François was undaunted by the melting snow on this "winter road." Roads made entirely from ice are ploughed through the frozen bogs in winter to allow access to remote locations.
However you get there, you'll always be welcome in Moosonee.
Even Santa has to find other ways to get to Moosonee.
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