January-February 2000

February 29, 2000

Please welcome Bill Hendrix to the roster.  Bill was the XO and 1st Plt Commander from the day that Capt Ski was killed until 10 September 1968 when he was severely wounded.  Please see his bio at the bottom of the roster page.

February 28, 2000

Another good Private Holt story for you all.   "Burnin' Shitters"...although a more apt title might be How Not To.  Thanks Joe. 

February 25, 2000

Please welcome William "Bill" Callahan to the roster.   Bill was with India in '71 and rotated home in March, about the time 3/5 left country, ending the battalion's 5 year involvement in the Vietnam War.  Please see the bio at the bottom of the roster page.  

February 24, 2000

Added two pictures from Curtis Eidson, friends, B.J. Hillyard and Robert Peterson. Peterson is on our Wall, 1/30/68, courtesy of Tet. On his picture page.  

February 20, 2000

Added two fine sites to our links.  Both are 3/9 sites and one is my Mike "Gomer" Pyle and the other by Ken Miller.   Ken has been a big help to us over the past year, especially in finding members of 3/5.  On our links page.

February 15, 2000

Please welcome Doug "Doc" Howell to the roster.  Doc was with the original SLF 3/5 on the Pickaway/Alamo/Princeton and then on Operation Hastings.  After that op he was transferred to Lima 3/1. We have small bio at the bottom of the roster page.

February 14, 2000

Added another picture from Roger McCann.  This one is of Ralph Green and Spanky Norris (we've also provided a link to Spanky's Navy Cross Citation, awarded posthumously).

February 11, 2000

Added captions to the pictures added for Roger McCann yesterday.  Many names.

February 10, 2000

Added 8 pictures from Roger McCann, including Don Huber, Spanky Norris and Ralph Green.

Corrected the date for the banquet at the reunion.  It should read August 12, 2000.


February 8, 2000

Added a bio from Roger McCann, at the bottom of the roster page.  He's seen a lot!

February 7, 2000

Added two pictures from Joe Klinger, one of him in 1967 and one of his old squad....lots of guys and names. 

February 6, 2000

Please welcome Joe Klinger to the roster.   Joe was with India from late summer of 1967 until he was wounded in June 1968 and left country.  Joe and Curtis Eidson knew each other back then and have vivid memories of Operation Swift.  In fact Joe helped load the bodies of Mike Company vets killed on that op, including Father Capodanno.  He is now a Naval Reserve Commander.  

February 5, 2000

Added a link to Debbe Reynold's new site, a tribute to her hsuband Brad of Mike Company.  A very fine site!

February 3, 2000

Forgot to thank Jim Bisesi for the poem posted yesterday, the author wishes to remain anonymous.

February 2, 2000

Added a handwritten poem titled A Name On A Wall, under the poems section. It is a moving tribute to all 58,000 plus names on that slab of black granite.

January 31, 2000

India Company is having a reunion this coming August 9 to 13 in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the 1st Marine Division Association's reunion.  Details on the reunion are on the Reunion Info page.  The info is provided by John Olsen and is a duplicate of what's in the newsletter.  Please email John with questions (email provided on the info page).  See you there!!!

Added bio information for John Olsen, it's at the bottom of the Roster page.

January 23, 2000

Please welcome Edward Peruta to the roster.  Ed was a squad leader with India from July to October of 68.  He had been with Kilo from November of '67 before transferring over.

January 17, 2000

Please welcome Earl Schultz to the roster.  Earl was the platoon sergeant for 3rd platoon, April 1967-May 1968.

We have added two names to Our Wall.  KIA on January 31, 1968 was LCpl Thomas Jacob Torrington (start of TET).  KIA on June 15, 1968 was PFC Gary Carl Seymour (this looks to be the same misadventure that took Captain Ski).  Sleep well, Marines.   

January 13, 2000

We are happy to report that, contrary to what we wrote yesterday, Frank Opferman was not killed in Vietnam and as far as we know is alive and well today.

Added roster information for Bill Maseman.  Bill was an original India Marine in '64 and '65. Bill also forwarded some bio information that you will find at the bottom of the roster page.

January 12, 2000

Frank "Sparks" Opferman was with India 3/5 in the early days of Tet '68 when he wrote this letter home to his Dad.  The letter was printed in Leatherneck Magazine.  Rod Johnson has kept this copy of the article all these years and submitted it for all of us and to remember and honor Sparks.

Added three pictures from Rod Johnson, two from then and one of now.  Rod was in country in 67 and 68.  On his picture page.

January 7, 2000

Please welcome Rod Johnson (known as Bones in Nam) to the roster and database.  Rod was a machine gunner with India from 1967-68.

January 2, 2000 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

Please welcome Mark Hanley to the roster. Mark was a mortarman with India from 1967 to 1968.