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Daily Maps covering Mike Company movements from November 7 - 16, 1967 during Operation Essex.

These were prepared by JD Murray, from AARs (after action reports) prepared after the operation and a few interviews with Marines who participated. Caveats are obvious, AARs were not always accurate, grid coordinates may be of the CP group and not of the platoons or may be way off because of misreads, folks memories can be tricky etc.  If you participated and have some input please contact us. We thank JD for the hard work in putting these together.  The first map is a cover map for the operation, followed by individual daily maps.

All these maps will load within 50 seconds of clicking on the thumbnail image if using a 28.8k modem (much faster with faster modems or broadband connections.

MurrayEssexAntVal12.jpg (114781 bytes)

Cover Map, Antenna Valley

MurrayEssexMapday1.jpg (56817 bytes) MurrayEssexDay7.jpg (89490 bytes) MurrayEssex8thNov.jpg (86217 bytes) MurrayEssex8Nov67ambusharea.jpg (67042 bytes)

November 6, 7 and 8, far right is detail on the ambush site, November 8

MurrayEssex9Nov67.jpg (87632 bytes) MurrayEssex Nov10th.jpg (127523 bytes) MurrayEssexNov11th.jpg (51169 bytes) MurrayEssexNov12th 67.jpg (133165 bytes)

November 9, 10, 11 and 12

MurrayEssex13Nov67.jpg (126560 bytes) MurrayEssex14Nov67.jpg (130298 bytes) MurrayEssex15Nov67.jpg (130061 bytes) MurrayEssex16Nov67.jpg (134596 bytes)

November 13, 14, 15 and 16