Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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This is a color map of the northern Arizona and the eastern end of the Thuong Duc Corridor.  The map was scanned for me by a friend of Terry Dixon's, India 3/7.   I've added captions for Hills 52, 25, 65, 37, the Arizona and Charlie Ridge.   It's about 230k and may take a while to load after you click on it.

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This is from J.C. Bowers, part of the 6640 sheet.  "Our (Mike Company) Base camp was located at approx between 01and 02. See top of map, and 64 and 63 on the side of map and located at the black cross between phong lvc (1) and phong lvc (2)"

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Paul_map1.jpg (79942 bytes) Paul_map2.jpg (77330 bytes) Paul_map3.jpg (78957 bytes) From Paul O'Connell

1. The area of Go Noi Island where Operation Pipestone Canyon Occurred. Events marked by orange circles (left to right). I believe John Kirschner was KIA on May 27, 1969 near Phu Dong (2)

Furthest orange mark to the right was my fighting hole on the berm near the blown bridge. Had 2 confirmed kills there on June 6, 1969. Above Phu Dong (2) is where I believe Doc Pyle was KIA

2. An Hoa and Alligator Lake... and forward CP

3. Took pictures of a map a vet gave me years ago of the An Hoa basin. A few years ago I marked spots where I remember significant events occured such as ambushes, John Kirschner KIA, Cooper MIA and later found, Doc Pyle KIA, the base camp where Terry Householter and others died in and around and other events. Not sure how they look on other computers but not too bad on mine.

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On the next page is Fred Riddle's Tam Ky Operation Map.

The Map page for Operation Swift has 2 cover maps and individual daily maps covering September 4 to 13, 1967.   These were prepared by JD Murray, CO of Mike Company during that operation.

The Map page for Operation Essex, has a cover map and individual daily maps covering November 7 to 16, 1967.  These were prepared by JD Murray from analysis of AARs and interviews with participants. 

The Map page for Operation Hastings has individual daily maps outlining Mike Company movements from July 18-30, 1966.  These were prepared by JD Murray from analysis of AARs and from his memory as a Platoon Commander for the Company.