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Fred Riddle's TamKy Operations Map

TamKyLowRes.jpg (416559 bytes)

This is the map Fred Riddle, FO with Mike Company in 1967-68, carried in country.

A lower resolution of the complete map is above. I've divided into four quadrants below. Fred's markings for Operation Swift are on the Upper Left Quadrant, (below top left). Each of these images will take close to 4 minutes to load with a 28k modem, faster with a 56k and faster yet with any broadband connection (cable, DSL or T-1).

UpperLeftQuadrantTamKyMap.jpg (600747 bytes) UpperRightQuadrantTamKyMap.jpg (647650 bytes)

LowerLeftQuadrantTamKyMap.jpg (502514 bytes) LowerRightQuadrantTamKyMap.jpg (419140 bytes)