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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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As of April 28, 1999.

Added Sgt John Bailey to the Wall.   With thanks to Frank Clark for the information.

The next update will be on Monday, May 3.


As of April 27, 1999.

1. Welcome to Hans S. Haupt, former CO of H&S Company in 1966-67, to the H&S roster page.

2. Added Walter Herrmann to the Wall.  

3. Revised the 1966 Operations write up to include information provided by Joe Holt and Hans Haupt. Thank you my friends. I had Hastings as the first 3/5 operation. Already knew from Chuck Greene that Deckhouse I preceded it and Joe provided some details.


As of April 26, 1999.

1.  Added two pictures from Frank Clark to the picture page.

2.  Added SSgt Rogers' name to Our Wall.

3.  Added a page for official Medal of Honor citations to the Remembrance section. With thanks to Frank Clark and Debbe Reynolds.

4.  Added a Bits and Pieces page in the Historical section, with thanks for contributions from Grady Rainbow and Jerry Lomax.


As of April 23, 1999.

1. Grady Rainbow, as you know if you read his bio, was with Mike Company from March to September of 1969.  A few years ago he wrote his memoirs of that time, mostly for himself, as he put it "before my mind loses them forever as I age." I've read them, they are outstanding!  It is with great honor that I am pleased to present them on this page, in the History section, under Grady's Memoirs. You bush Marines are going to recognize yourselves in there.  For the rest of us, it's as close as you can get without being there. There are two pages of them, if you print them out it will take 42 pages.  You may print them for your use only, not for publication anywhere without Grady's permission.  

2. Renamed the Friends page to India.  Simply because everyone on it is India.  Don't want you guys to think of yourselves as a sub-unit of Mike.   It's yours and it can stand alone if you want it to. For the time being I've got enough room on my server to pull it out and make a stand alone India page. 


As of April 22, 1999.

1. Added pictures from Frank Clark, Grady Rainbow and Tim Summers to the picture page.

2. Added pictures from Art Hicks and Mark DeSciscio to the H&S picture page.

3.  Added Debbie Reynold's poem, Combat Wife, to the poem page.


As of April 21, 1999.

1.  Welcome to Frank E. Clark to the Mike Company roster! Frank was with the company from December of '66 to November of '67.  His bio is on the same page also.  Welcome home Frank.

2.  Added three pictures from Grady Rainbow and one from Tim Summers to the picture page.

3.  Added two more names to our Wall.   Thanks to Frank Clark for the submission.

4.  Renamed our memorial to our fallen friends to Final Roll Call.


As of April 20, 1999.

1.  Added twelve names to our Wall.   Thanks to Mike McFerrin for providing them.

2.  Welcome to Mike McFerrin on the Mike Company roster!  Mike was with the company from August of 68 to May of 69.

3.  Added a Table of Contents to make it easier to navigate this site.

4.  Added Joe Galloway's speech at the Wall on Memorial Day, 1997 to our Remembrance page.  It's a powerful speech and I was privileged to be in attendance.  For those of you who don't know Joe, he was the UPI reporter on the ground at the 7th Cav's Ia Drang fight in November 1965.  He's the co-author of We Were Soldiers Once....And Young, which is about that fight.   Highly recommended.  Also added their site to our links page.


As of April 18, 1999.

We've started our own Wall. The layout is an experiment on my part and I need feedback that it's readable on your browser.  The background image on that page is a photo I took one early rainy morning last year at the Wall in D.C.


As of April 16, 1999.

1.  Welcome Home! to Sgt. Arthur Hicks, a radio operator from H&S Company, '69-'70. 

2. Added four pictures from J.C. Bowers to the Pictures page.

3. Added a picture of Jim Williams to the Friends page.  Jim was with India 3/5.

4. Our thanks to John Cameron (H&S 1/5), for his four pictures of Hill 65 and Liberty Bridge, on the H&S Picture page.  


As of April 14, 1999.

1. Added a link to a USMC historical site on the Links page.  It has a listing of many sites dealing with the Marine Corps. A great resource if you're at all interested in our history. (They've also added a link to our history page, especially Chuck Greene's Regimental History).

2. Added a picture from Grady Rainbow to the pictures page.

3. Finally fixed the link to Military Control Web Ring, we're on!


As of April 9, 1999.

1. Added Joe Bowers, 67-68 with 1st squad, 1st platoon to the Mike Company roster.  Welcome here and Welcome Home, Joe!   (Brad and Joe served together, folks, and had their first conversation in 32 years, two days ago.)

2. Added a picture from Joe Bowers to the picture page.

3. I've listed us on the following search engines:  Lycos, HotBot, Excite, Infoseek, Yahoo and Snap.  We'll be indexed anywhere from one day to three weeks from now.  Should you all think about it please check that we can be found, especially if there are problems.  Thanks my friends. 


As of April 8, 1999.

1. Added link to the Marine Wives Web Page.  On the Links Page.

2. Marine Web Ring should be active today.

3. Renamed the Stories page, Remembrance, as it contains Memorials, Poems and Stories.

4. Will be submitting this page to search engines.


As of April 6, 1999.

1. Joined two webrings, the Marine Corps Webring and the Military Control Center Ring.  The code for them has been added at the bottom of the home page and they should be active within a day or two.  We are slowly expanding our presence, friends, please pass the word when you can.  Thank you.

2. Hated to do it but I took out the MIA/POW animated flag because it made each page load 20 seconds slower (on my machine anyway).  If you had substantially different results I'd like to hear it.  Thanks.