Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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R. Harton


Due to the number of pictures we have, this page has been reorganized.   Each person who has contributed more than one picture has their own page.   Click on any of names on the left to see their pictures.  The Various page has one picture each from different individuals.  The table below will give you an indication of the year and location (if applicable) of some of the pictures we have.

Craig Sullivan '67-68 Operation Swift and others. Added 8 pictures of the Crater on Swift, VC prisoners, Luke and Swan, Macurio, Odom and Schjolle and more. Added 13 pictures: Sullivan, Lewis, Clark, Mecureo, Kretsinger, Hwy 1 Bridge, Tank, Weapons, Tunnel, Newspaper clipping, Doc Phelps, 60 mortar team, more.  Added 7 pictures: Wife, Ken Fields, Banana trees on Swift, Tank on Hwy 1, Que Son Valley and Steve Walker. Added 18 pictures: local scenes, NVA dead on Swift, captured weapons, Highway 1 bridge and security.
Tony Goodrich '69-70 Hill 52, east of Thoung Duc, pictures of the Arizona and gun positions, Frank Sonnema, Jim Cloherty, Tom Wityak, signed scrip by the platoon, more.
Paul O'Connell '68-69 Operation Taylor Common and others (picture of Terry Householter), and Pralicz
Brad Reynolds '67-68 Many, of An Hoa, of folks we'd like to identify, Briggs, Hipp, many others.
Frank Clark '66-67 Various.
Chris Belmont '68-69 An Hoa, Goi Noi Island, and on patrol.
Pat Burns '68-69 Lots of people, Liberty Bridge.  
Jerry Lomax '67-68 Hai Van Pass, Truoi River Bridge, Langco Bridge, Tank, Elephant Grass , Phu Bai and ambush site, Doc Bowen, a Roman Catholic Church on Hwy 1. Many stories attached to the pictures.
Gary Lee Bolen '66-67 People: Romball, Danner, Craig, Czupek, Barlow, Matlock.
Grady Rainbow '69 Da Nang and various
Tim Summers '69 An Hoa
J.C. Bowers '67-68 Various.
Chuck Greene '66-67 Various.
Rick Golbeck '66 A picture of 1st Platoon on Oki, April '66, with names!
Joe Boydell '70 In uniform, with wife, with family
Jim Bachelder '69-70 8 pictures around Hill 65 and 32 (maybe 52), folks we need help identifying too!
Mike McFerrin  '68-69 4 pictures from the 80s and 90s, with kid, wife, at sister's wedding, advisory team reunion. Plus four pictures from Doug Maier in 1968 of squad leader Mike.
Ed Harper '70-71 (81s) 29 Pictures: Hills 52, 37, Ryder, QueSons, many people. 
Chris Hamner '69-70 16 pictures: Goi Noi, An Hoa, Liberty Road, Alligator Lake, many people.
Rock Giambrocco '68-69 4 pictures, at An Hoa and at Phu Bai with Dave Johnston.
Bob Matteson '66-67 2 pictures, on Hill 10 in August and in May with Gen Walt (receiving a Purple Heart).
Doug Maier '68-69 22 pictures, on Maxwell, on the Repose, in Danang, of PFC Glick, Theil, Austin, Lifesaver, spotter plane, elephant grass, Lt. Moore, USS Sanctuary. (more to come)
Steve Weltzbarker '68-69 5 pictures from Steve, at An Hoa, at FB Maxwell.
Randy Pelt '69-70 51 pictures from Randy, in the Arizona, off and on Hill 52, Charlie Ridge, Hill 55, An Hoa the Que Sons, and a lot more, and Hill 37. 10 more pictures of air and arty strikes off Hill 52, Football Island, the QueSons, Top Baney, more.
Doc Wood '68 3 pictures from Doc Wood, of him, a group picture and the crashed helicopter at Hai Van Pass
Vernon Ford '66-67 15 pictures of Vernon and groups which we need help identifying. Plus Matlock.
Roger Nicholson '66-67 10 pictures of Draper, Nick, Bowers, Mecurio, Sakora, Little, Sullivan, Overpeck, Melendez and others. 
Ed Browder '68-69 6 pictures, of Lts. Treadwell, Lewis, Coyne, Browder, Capt. Burns, Lt. Nappi, 1st Sgt Dickerson, Sign over COC
Jim Quin '68 10 pictures, of Jim, Dan Hignight, Joe Walters, Eddie Pacheco, Frank Pacello. 
Tom Mahlum '69 11 pictures, Lieutenants many, Major Saucier, Sgt Major Craig, Liberty Bridge, Sign at An Hoa, Terry Householter?, Marine Corps 194th Birthday. 
Robert Mongtomery '67-68 Four pictures, two of Sgt Reed, one of the CP during an OP, and a current one of Bob and son Shane, of 3/5
Tom Wityak '69-70 Two Sea Tiger pictures, 3/5 on patrol, and a Tiger story. Plus, pictures of Hill 65, 52, An Hoa, and 19th birthday in the Arizona
Raul Vasquez '67 A number of pictures, of Hasting guys,  Costas, Bliss,  Woody Watrous, Randy Summers, an adopted Vietnamese family, Ontos on Hill 69, Col Esllinger now, Raul and family, and many others. 
Curtis Batten '67-68 21 pictures: Curt, Willie Riveria, Hill 1192, an Ontos on an op, choppers, Haivanpass, Vietnamese (at home, kids, irrigating)
Art Diabo '68 4 pictures, Operation Houston, Arizona, Russell and Stolldorf and a strike fireball.
Stan Watson '66-67 17 pictures, Mt. Fuji, USS WestCounty, DaNang scenes, 81s Platoon picture, Deckhouse I, 81s platoon members: Swann, Kisner, Rockwell, Junkins, Haney, Janezick, Brown, Forbes, Wilder Thibault Archulleta, more.
Fred Riddle '67-68 14 pictures, mortars, CH46 insertion, ops. 15 more pictures: Mameluke Thrust, Allenbrook, Cochise, Swift +Ontos, sweeps, HaivanPass, 81s, Cruz.
Fate Warren '68-69 12 pictures, of Fate, Rick Arthur, Lynn Putnam, Dan Hignight, Captain Burns at Maxwell, river crossing, in the bush, Phu Bai.
Eddie Shoe '70-71 4 pictures, one of Eddie's fighting hole on Ryder, one of his team: Wells, Adler, Lausberry (sp), and Larry Helms, one of a hooch on Ryder where the arty spotter and sniper team lived, one of Eddie with his M-60
Steve Cottrell, Frank Jurney '66-67 18 pictures, Mike Callahan, Steve and Frank, Barnerd, Dawson, Sullivan, Goebel, Hatfield, Reynolds, Reilly, Daoust, Captain McElroy. Plus 7 pictures of unidentified Marines. 12 more pictures of Reilly, Hatfield, McElroy, Jack Murray, Kevin Kelly, Frank Jurney, Steve Cottrell, Mike Leslie...more
Ed Combs '67 7 pictures: Of Sgt Simms' 2nd Squad (including Jones, Simms, Pruett, Rolon, Briggs, Komers, Metgig, Hooley, Fileds, Richards, Ausura);  Sgt Sullivan, L/Cpl Mecurieo, Cpl Duncan, Cpl. Matson, PFC Rolon, SSgt Rogers (KIA on Essex), more
Steve Howsmon '67-68 37 pictures
Jim Treadwell '69 9 pictures, of 2nd Platoon folks and Capt. Burns,  including Zukoff, Belmont, Christanson, Butcher, Lankalis.
Jack Murray '66-67 Over 100 pictures on different pages, Operations Hastings, Colorado, Desoto, DeckhouseII, Swift, Jackson, Cortez plus others of ChuLai, TamKy, many people, platoon pictures. 
Jerry Dillon '66-67 26 pictures of the company office and shower, Dillon, 1stSgt Manus, Company Gunny, Lavoie, Carroll, Daoust, Jurney, Guthridge, Seablom, Jones, White.
Bernard Dunn '70-71 6 pictures, of Bernard at An Hoa, in the Arizona, at LZ Ross, NVA flag document, Stars and Stripes article on Mike Company 11/6/70
Robert Dumas '69-70 An Hoa, the Que Sons, Mike Kempel....more
Michael Connell '69-70 2 pictures of Dan Wheeler, Jimmy Pitts; Donoho, Lindsay and Connell
Various Vince Egan, Dean Vidler, Frank Ambrose, J.D. Steward (Lima), Jerry Trent, Tom Uebel (Mike 1), Rick Nappi.

The Map page has a map, of Hills 65, 37, 25, 52.  Liberty Bridge is just off the right edge.

Also included is a map from J.C. Bowers which shows Mike Company's base camp's location from October '67 to March of '68.

Three maps from Paul O'Connell, showing areas of Pipestone Canyon and where some of Mike's KIAs gave their all.

The Map page for Operation Swift has 2 cover maps and individual daily maps covering September 4 to 13, 1967.   These were prepared by JD Murray, CO of Mike Company during that operation.

The Map page for Operation Essex, has a cover map and individual daily maps covering November 7 to 16, 1967.  These were prepared by JD Murray from analysis of AARs and interviews with participants.