Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Beauty & the Beach
Booby Trap
Home the Hard Way
Here We Come
In Country
In the Bush
Hot LZ
The Big One
Sea Tiger
Rest Camp


Anything you want to write will be posted here.

1. Please click on the Medal of Honor page, at left, for the official citations for the recipients of the MOH that served with, or attached to, the Company.

2. Please click on the Memorial page at left, for the invitation for the Memorial for Operations Deck House I and Nathan Hale.   Click on the Memorial button to the left.  (Submitted by Chuck Greene); and for Paul O'Connell's tribute to his fallen friends from Mike Company.  There are a lot more there also.

3. Click on the Poems link at left for  Brad Reynolds poems, My Enemy and Wish Upon a Star,

and for Debbe Reynolds poems, You Bet Your Life, Forgotten Warriors, Nam, and Combat Wife.

Also, Sarge Lintecum, a 101st vet and friend of the Brad and Deb, wrote The Few, The Proud, dedicated to 3/5.....excellent poem.

Four of Paul O'Connell's poems, Closed Casket, Confession, John Wayne and Survivor's Guilt are here.  All excellent.

The lyrics from a song written by Hank Oliver from India, (Nobody told us) Welcome Home.

Two excellent poems from Robert Dumas (Mike 69-70), Along Life's Road; and Shadows.

4. For Ed McCurry's story about the perils of being new and unthinking, click on the FNG link at left.

5. For Joe Galloway's speech at the Wall on May 26, 1997 please click the Speech link at left.  I was privileged to be in attendance that day and that speech did something to me.

6. For Brad Reynold's story about setting up an ambush by the South China Sea, please click on Beauty and the Beach at left.

7. For Brad Reynold's story about Booby Traps, click the link at left.  Everything you'd ever want to know about those suckers.  

8. For Brad's story, The Good, The Bad, The Dead (or Monsoon) please click on the link at left.

9. For Brad's remembrance of getting wounded please click on the link to Coming Home the Hard Way at left.

10.  For Brad's story of attacking a village on line click on Here We Come! at left.

11.  Two stories from Brad Reynods, Hot LZ and The Big One.  The titles are self explanatory for these powerful excerpts.

14. The front page of the Sea Tiger issue of November 10, 1967.  An article from that issue is also included, entitled Grunt, A National Asset.  With thanks to Frank Clark for the submission.

15. A free form poem by Paul O'Connell, The Rest Camp, about coming on an NVA rest camp.  It'll make you feel like you're there. Please click on the link at left.

16. A story of Hastings by Richard Golbeck, exacting a little payback for what the NVA had done to India.

17. Flak Jacket, an adaptation of a letter Randy Pelt wrote us. I wrote Randy that a few of his pictures were good enough to stand by themselves with no comment.  He wrote back about the one pictured in the story, one of the ones I mentioned.

18. Goi Noi Island, on Pipestone Canyon, from Keith Hansford. A powerful story of being on an OP at night when all hell breaks loose.

19. A tribute to Mike McFerrin from Bernie Rhoades, on the occasion of the Corps' 225th Birthday. Mike was a Hamlet Advisory Team leader in late '69 and early '70 and Bernie was on his Team.

20. The First, Curtis Batten's remembrance of his first day in country, in September 1967. A lot of us have the same sort of memories!

21. Camera Story, a story of two Marines and a Camera, submitted to Leatherneck Magazine in May 2001.  Frank Ambrose and Ken Fields of Mike Company.