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Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Request for information for a 3/5 book


As our book on 3/5 in Vietnam nears completion, I want to include a picture of anyone who wants a photo in the book. Under each photo, I need your rank and full name, unit, WIA or KIA, date. Example: Under my photo (it'll be either my boot camp or Vietnam picture) will be as follows: Corporal Jerry W. Lomax, M Co, 3/5, WIA May 9, 1968.

You can either scan the picture to me at Haivanpass@comcast.net or mail to my address: 704 Bay Point Dr, Gallatin, TN 37066-4408; if you have any questions, give me a buzz at 615-451-0527. If you already have pictures on THE SITES, let me know how you want to use them of you and/or your friends. Remember, I must have the caption information.

I encourage you to send in your picture, or one of another Marine that was KIA. This will preserve you in posterity for all your family and friends, not to mention your pride at being remembered. If you wish to contribute anything else to the book, please send to me, Ed, or Curtis. After it's posted, I'll take it from there. I cannot guarantee the return of any photo mailed directly to me. I will try though.



To all 3/5 Marines and family:

We are a team of 3/5 vets that has started research on a book devoted to 3/5 in Vietnam. 3/5 is a battalion that saw action in all phases of the war and experienced just about all the events that Marines went through in I Corps in that war. Our book will be in semi chronological order and we are asking for contributions from any 3/5 vet and his family and friends. We are calling for all years starting with 1966 through 1971. Following are examples of what we're searching for:

1. In Country Stories: Factual accounts of your time in Vietnam. This could include operations you were on, significant events that made an impression on you...such as first and/or last time in the bush, particular actions that you remember after all these years....in short, your recollections of your part of the war.

2. Background Stories: When, where and how you entered the Marine Corps. When did you get In Country. What was your motivation for enlisting. How did your family feel about your actions before, during and after your service. When did you come back. How were you treated at home. What are your families' memories of you at that time. What do you think of your service now. (These are just examples).

3. Poems: If you wrote poetry during that time or since, we will be including selections.

4. Impressions: We are interested in your feelings, your family's feelings about you and what you saw, did and said during the war. For example: Why did you go, what did you think when you were in country. Did your feeling about your reasons for going change during your time in. What was your impression of your buddies' thinking during that time. Did you write letters home? We are interested in that as well any relevant responses you got that shows how your friends and family felt about you over there.

5. Family contributions: Any relevant account that your wife, children, parents, close friends wish to contribute about their feelings about you and themselves pertaining to your service in Vietnam.

This is not an exclusive list, if in doubt, send it in. We intend to post these contributions on the Mike 3/5 site unless you specifically don't want us to. The reason for this is to encourage others to contribute....it's sometimes easier to jog your memory when you see material that others have posted. Please send your material to Jerry Lomax at haivanpass@aol.com

With thanks in advance.

Jerrry Lomax (Mike 3/5 1967-68) haivanpass@
Mike McFerrin (Mike 3/5 1968-69) mikemtry@aol.com
Brad Reynolds (Mike 3/5 1967) brad3mike5@aol.com
Debbe Reynolds (Combat vet wife) webbedebbe@aol.com
Ed McCurry (H&S 3/5 1970) hebmc@aol.com