Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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KIA May 9, 1968

Chicago, IL

Panel 57E, Line 20

Friend to Jerry Lomax, among many others


Following is a letter from Len Swiatly, a childhood friend of Tim's, in answer to a question posed by Debbe Reynolds:

This is the only photo I have of Tim. I scanned it out of our high school yearbook.You asked if I was from Chicago. Yes, I was born and raised there and moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1973. Tim and I attended De Paul Academy High School in Chicago from 1962 - 1966. We had lots of fun. We both played football as freshmen, if I remember correctly he played tight end. I know he also tried out for the cross country team. I remember during one practice, he cut across this huge field ( might have been a nine hole golf course) they used to run around, he was such a slow runner he still came in last. He later got cut from the team. Tim and I and some other friends of ours got caught by my parents drinking at my house when we were 15 or 16. They all got off, I got grounded for a month. Such good Catholic boys we were.

A couple of nights ago, I spoke on the phone to one of my close friends in Chicago, Brian Dillon. Tim, Brian & I were all very close. We always hung out together. Brian was also in the Marines. In fact I believe Tim was awarded 5 extra days leave for signing up Brian. If I got Brian's story straight that he told me the other night, Brian left for Nam on May 8th, and didn't find out that Tim had died the next day until a few weeks later. Tim's mother gave Brian his Medals. Tim's folks have since passed away, but his brother Jack lives in Melrose Park, IL. I attended Tim's funeral, and for me it was the first time I had ever lost anyone that I was close to, including relatives.