Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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This page is the cover sheet for Memorials to the fallen members of Mike Company.

Page 1 is a copy of the original invitation to the Memorial Service for the dead of Operations Deck House 1 and Nathan Hale which took place in 1966.   Submitted by Chuck Greene.

Page 2 is Paul O'Connell's tribute to the dead of Mike Company between October 1968 and September 1969.

John Franklin Riegel of Mike Company was killed in December 1967.   This is the memorial writeup by Wayne Motts of Gettysburg in conjuction with the visit of the Travelling Wall, Memorial Day, 1999.

Michael Clair Thomas  of H&S Company was killed in October 1966. Like Frankie Riegel above, he was from Gettysburg and was honored there on Memorial Day, 1999.  This is the article with pictures.

Monty Norris Wilson of Mike Company was killed on August 1, 1967.  On his page you will find a picture of him, the letter from his Battalion CO to his family, and a memorial tribute by the VFW and American Legion posts in his hometown.  His family would like to talk to anyone who knew him.

For Paul O'Connell's pictures of a 1969 issue of Life Magazine, featuring the faces of the dead in country, including 3 from Mike Company, click on the Life button to the left.

For a tribute to Terry Householter from an excerpt from Grady Rainbow's memoirs, also found elsewhere on this site, please click on the link at left.

For Jerry Lomax's remembrance of Sam Cole, Jr., killed near Hai Van Pass on May 9, 1969, please click on the link at left.

For a tribute to John Kirchner from an excerpt from Grady Rainbow's memoirs, also found elsewhere on this site, please click on the link at left.

For a tribute to Chris Pyle from an excerpt from Grady Rainbow's memoirs, also found elsewhere on this site, please click on the link at left.

For Sgt Mike Hayes' (Whiskey 2/11) memory of Al Santos, killed on Operation Swift click on the link at left.

A memory of Tim Fitzmaurice, by Len Swiatly, a childhood friend.

There is a school in south San Antonio, Texas, named for Armando Leal, who is on Mike Company's Wall and was awarded the Navy Cross.  This write up is on the internet (I've seen it, then lost it) but was kindly forwarded in by Ken Miller.

John Harris from Lima Company wrote the following two remembrances of friends of his, Mike Company Vets:

Gordon Toal died with his boots on around 1980.  He was a policeman at the time.  John went to bootcamp with him.

William (Wild Bill) Mortiboy was with Mike Company during Hastings and it was rumored that he was killed then.  He is listed on our wall with a date of death of 1 April 1967. 

Many tributes to Captain Pat Burns, company commander in late '68 and early '69 

Paul Bazar was KIA on April 21, 1969.  His Squad Leader, Mike McFerrin, wrote this remembrance of Paul.  Mike, in the early nineties, also contacted Paul's family and let them know what a fine man and Marine Paul was.  A picture of the partial squad in the bush follows the story. 

Ronald Duntz was KIA on March 6, 1969.  His acting Platoon Sergeant for 3rd Platoon, Mike McFerrin, wrote this remembrance of Ron.

a Remembrance by Ray Harton on Father Vincent Capodanno, MOH awardee. Ray was there when Father Capodanno lost his life.  A memorial is also being constructed on Debbe Reynolds' web site.

A picture of Donny Tucker, KIA on October 10, 1970.  Certificates for his Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Honorable Service and a letter from General Chapman, the Commandant to Donny's Father.

A picture of Richard Duncan, KIA on November 8, 1967. Link to his Navy Cross and Richard's obituary.

A letter from Joseph Mirgeaux's sister Alice, placed at the Wall.  Joe was wounded on Operation Hastings and died 22 years later, as a result of those wounds. Under that page, a memory of Joe by J.D. Murray, fellow officer who served with Joe at Basic School, at Pendleton with 3/5, in the Philippines and the with SLF 3/5 on Deckhouse II, Nathan Hale and Operation Hastings. 

An account of Denny Dinota's funeral services, held June 18, 2003.  Denny was the Company Gunny in 1967, Mike Company. Prior to that he was a platoon sergeant with company.