Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Gordon Toal

by John Harris

Gordon (GT) Toal had been killed in an accident in Texas. Gordon was another that I had gone to bootcamp with. We used to call him 'The Professor' because he would grill us on the little red book all of the time. He was also with Mike Company in the Nam. Gordon and I would pal around together after the war - he too married a local girl, Carol, from Laguna Beach. We were into motorcycles, and GT had a beaut of a Sportster. He got tired of California and moved his family back to Odessa, Texas in the mid 70's. I think they had two kids. Carol called me out of the blue one day (I think around 1980) to tell me that Gordon had been killed while on a motorcycle leading a funeral procession through Odessa. He had become a motorcycle cop and was doing this on the side. A person ran a stop-light at the intersection he was directing, and killed him instantly. Carol said that at least he went the way he would have wanted - 'with his boots on - six shooter at his side - and riding his hog . . .'