Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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The Big One

Large, black clouds were spreading across the sky, casting a dark shadow over the land. A shiver ran up and down my spine as I anticipated rain. I looked at the rest of my squad who were cleaning their weapons and getting their packs straightened up for tonight's patrol. I noticed one guy sitting in the corner by himself. It looked as if he was writing a letter. He had a picture of his wife and kid laying next to him.
I walked over to him and asked, "How's it going? Everything all right?" "Yeah," he said. Then he finished his letter, folded it meticulously, and placed it and the picture in an envelope. His hand was shaking as he addressed it. I noticed a tear running down his cheek. He looked up at me, handed me the letter, and said, "Kid, promise me if I catch the big one, make sure this gets mailed off." The next day as I loaded his body into the helicopter, I gave the pilot his letter to mail.
-Brad Reynolds