Airplane Tour with Bushland Airways

Ours was the plane on the right. The other plane is the same type as one we had seen fall out of the air in 1992 into the river, about 500 m. in front of our canoe on the other side of the little green island in the background. The two Americans on board that private plane were killed. Best to let Mr. Tozer and his experienced pilots show you the area.

The first thing I noticed was how much great new architecture there is. On the left is the Moosonee Healing Centre and on the far right a new hotel is being built in Moose Factory.
Right: Downtown Moosonee looking toward the train tracks. I have put a circle around the house we used to live in.

Left: Moose Factory Island from the docks looking over the hospital.

This image of water taxis passing one another in the channel should bring back memories for those former residents who have written to me to express your appreciation of this site.

Moosonee looking toward what used to be the Air Force Base.
Once you fly over and past the towns you see that there is an awful lot of muskeg around as well as that huge Moose River dotted with lots of little spongy islands and sand bars.
James Bay itself is fairly shallow and we could make out the shapes of Beluga in the brackish water, but they did not show up on film. Everywere there are little rivers draining the flat boggy land.
Eventually the plane turns round from the bay and you see the massive river again
If you're looking at these pictures you must be a hunter. Above, are hunting camps. Left, more muskeg to the north of Moosonee
Back to Moosonee again and Muskeg Cabin (above) where we stayed.
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