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Everyone loves stories. After living in the north you come away with your share of them. Contact me if you have a story to tell and the photos to go with it! The pictures here are taken by the storyteller. There are a few sites by people who have visited and enjoyed themselves.

Tom, in Newfoundland, writes:

I went to Moosonee on a whim..I was ready to travel and packed up my Jeep, not really knowing what I was getting into.... To make a long story short, a planned, one-month adventure turned into a three-year experience. The picture is of the jeep being loaded onto the train on the way out of Moosonee for the last time.

Tom has lots of stories:

You have the most interesting site on the Moosonee/Moose Factory area I have seen to date. I was a teacher in both towns from 1995 to 1998. Loved my stay. Did everything I could while I was up there, including going up the coast on the winter roads with the fuel trains (and driving along the winter road myself in the Jeep). I visited the old weather station during my stay there.

My mother called Moosonee "the Times Square of the North," as she has met many people who've lived there or visited, e.g., Pinetree (the Base) or teachers.

Do you remember the seach for a German tourist (male) who was lost just North of the Airport and located after three days in the bush?

Well, I dug up that story after I found a travel bag in the bush north of the airport, on one of my attempts to walk to the mouth of the Moose River. I kept a pair of sun glasses and keys to various Hotels the man stayed at. I have tried to track down the man but my search started ten years after the fact. I was just curious to know if he wanted his stuff back... ;-)

Tom continues:

I had an aerial tour, too, once. It was the winter of 1996/97. I was Teaching at the time, but had the oportunity to drive to Attawapiskat with Butcher Fuel to deliver fuel to the town. I was in the second truck in the convoy of five, a yellow propane truck. We made the 15 hour drive along the winter road to the town. The first truck made it up the river bank to town. … Mine as well. … But the third truck jackknifed on the hill and rolled over blocking the road out— which is also the only road in.

To make a long story short (and there's lots more to this story) I slept in the truck to the beat of the engine while the temperature outside was -35 C. The next morning we learned that the mess would take days to clean up. And yet I had to teach in Moose Factory the next day. However, I was lucky enough to find someone who was flying back to Moosonee in a Cessna Skymaster. We did the flight to Moosonee in 45 minutes at an altitude of 1000 ft. When I arrived home, I was very tired and full of diesel fuel.

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Please send me your stories and photos of Moosonee, Moose Factory and surrounding regions and I will incoporate them into this page.