Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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Bob Clabaugh on the right with 2 other 81mm crew members, Spring of '70 on Hill 37. Dai Loc.  If you know those guys names, please let us know. 

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Hill 37 (next to the District Capital of Dai Loc in Quang Nam Province, Spring of 1970.  One of Bob Clabaugh's pictures. He's on the right in the mortar gun pit.  Neither of us remember the name of the guy on the left (Note: That's Henry Wood, known as Robey in those days...spend most of his time as an 81s FO with Lima).  If you know him or his name, please let us know. He was my section leader on Hill 52 in the summer and is the guy who taught me, a radio operator, how to run mortars as a way of passing time.   It came in handy, I had occasion to use the knowledge gained.  The hootch in back (for the mortar crew) and the one next to it was destroyed by a rocket (maybe a 122) in March or April.  Ours was empty at the time.  Not so the line company (I believe India) one behind it.  Good Marines were lost.


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Bob Clabaugh's picture of part of the 81mm mortar gun crew on Hill 52, summer of 1970. Hat backwards is John Fielding, gunner.  Second from right is Gary Shaffer, A-Gunner.  I sure would like to see those guys again.  Neither of us remember the names of the other guys.  If you do, let us know.


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Bob Clabaugh, on the right. with Underwood, also known as Underdog.   Bob was an 81mm mortar gunner, then an FO, out with both Mike and Lima Companies.