Mike Company               

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

RVN, 1966 -1971
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last night.jpg (31062 bytes) Last night in Vietnam for Mark, he's in the middle

old fart.jpg (22911 bytes) Mark, up in Canada recently

155 night.jpg (22183 bytes) am track.jpg (27215 bytes)

Two from Mark DeSciscio.  From AnHoa, on the left 155 self propelled arty firing at night. On the right, Amtracs loading supplies.


M_HILL 65.jpg (21001 bytes) Hill 65, looking west towards Hill 52 and Thoung Duc, over the Vu Gia river, picture by Mark DeSciscio.

8in. charlie ridge.jpg (23478 bytes)

This shot and the next three are from Mark DeSciscio.  Mark says: Here is a shot of a guy
on an 8 inch checking out Charlie Ridge.  Spring of '70. Hill 65.

81mm h65.jpg (20918 bytes) This was the 81mm guys. This would have been in Jan 1970 also. I believe Charlie Ridge was the destination. If, and thats a big if, I remember right, I left the shutter open for two or three shells. Hill 65.

ch53a h65.jpg (18673 bytes)This one is a CH53a coming in on hill 65. Not sure,this may have been my ride back to An Hoa for my trip back to the world. If so, that would make this April 1970.

pow hill65.jpg (19621 bytes)This is a POW on his way to Hoi An. Some faces on this one, so if any of you guys see yourself, or know someone. I would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!! This should have been around Feb. 1970.

Roy Gomez.jpg (13867 bytes)

Mark DeSciscio's picture of Roy Gomez on Hill 65, looking towards the Arizona in 1970.  If you know where Roy is please let us know.